How to Sell Physical Products Using Facebook Ads? Selling on Facebook is a clever move. The competition may be fierce, but with over 2.6 billion active monthly users, the audience is more than large enough to go around.


Facebook Shops gives your store a storefront, so you can make it look more like your own site, rather than a Facebook page. As with a Facebook Page Shop, customers can check out directly with Facebook, rather than be redirected to the business website.

That said, it’s likely many will still use Facebook to browse and come to the site to buy. The same feature is being made available for Instagram.

What You Need to Use Facebook Shops

 Physical Products Using Facebook Ads

Keep in mind that Facebook Shops as a feature is only just starting to be rolled out now. Facebook will actually get in connect with you if it’s ready for your store.

To get yourself in the running, you’ll need to create a Facebook Page shop. We know we’ve thrown in a few similar terms at this point (we blame Facebook for their rather unoriginal names), so let’s quickly cover these:

Facebook Page shop – Existing Facebook feature which allows you to show products on your Facebook Business page. When customers click on the products, they’re given the option to check them out on your website.

Facebook Shops – New characteristic which provides a storefront to existing Facebook Page shops, offering customers a more seamless experience and the chance to check out without leaving Facebook if they wish.

Facebook Shops – Everything You Need To Know

Almost anyone will be able to sign up. Right now, Facebook Shops is limited to a small number of businesses that use Page Shops. In the near future, that will expand and more Facebook Page shops will be converted to the new Facebook Shops.

Besides creating a Facebook merchant account and attach third-party platforms like Shopify, there isn’t anything unique about the sign-up process. According to Facebook’s policies, not every business needs to be verified to have a Shop page.

Facebook wants to expand business for as many SMBs as possible. Many have used Facebook to start selling merchandise for the first time.

While Facebook Shops can help SMBs get through this time, they need to remain careful and hold Facebook’s existing reporting features to prevent bad actors from piggybacking on this positive move.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  ~ Lao Tzu

“I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  ~ Winston Churchill

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”  Joe Sabah




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Physical Products Using Facebook Ads

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