In this video, we will walk through step-by-step how to add the Shopify Product Reviews for Shopify store. This is a great idea because lets people easily review your products which is great to add credibility and social proof for your potential customers.

Product reviews sometimes referred to as customer reviews or customer testimonials, are an excellent way to build customer trust and increase conversions. Reviews act as a form of social proof for your audience.


Social proof is the idea that customers are more likely to trust purchasing decisions when they see their peers have made the same decision. The majority of people read reviews before making a purchase, over 70% to be exact. Product reviews also allow you to maintain contact with your customers, which is an important part of building relationships with your audience.

Shopify offers its own Product Reviews app, a perfect starting place for adding a product reviews widget to your products. It’s free and offers both light and advanced customization, allowing you to match your theme as necessary.

Product Reviews includes an import and export function for any backup or migration needs.

Why Getting Product Reviews On Shopify Is Important

Profitable Shopify Store

Here’s one great thing you can do for product reviews for Shopify store:

 Collect up a whole bunch of product reviews from customers. Product reviews are the fuel of a good e-commerce website.

They provide social proof to aid in customer purchase commitment, answer questions, and inspire trust. The structured data from reviews is great for search engine optimization SEO. That means Google will like you better if you get more reviews.

Simply put, you’ll make more sales if you put a product review strategy in place. The best thing you can do for your e-commerce store is to have reviews on each product page and make them show automatically, without the visitor having to click to display them. That’s where most people will find them, not caring to go to a full page of reviews.

The Easiest Way To Get Product Reviews On Shopify!

The Shopify plugin is super easy to set up. It fully integrates with your direct system, automatically sending review invitation emails to all your customers. Product reviews are a highly trusted source of information for consumers. Good quality reviews give shoppers an insight into the experiences of past customers, both in terms of the products they purchased and their interaction with the company in question.


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Profitable Shopify Store

more sales if you put a product review strategy in place