It is estimated that the size of data generated online hit 667 exabytes (10^18) in 2014 alone. The potential of this data is the relationships it can reveal: measuring, analyzing and understanding the interactions that users have across multiple touch points in their day-to-day behavior. Making sense of this volume of data is a major opportunity for businesses today: the rapid surge in Big Data technologies is allowing for real-time optimization, granular audience targeting, logistics and efficiency optimization. This session explore how businesses can harness the power of big data to hone their services and reach.

Nazim Fraijat, Managing Director – Levant & Emerging Africa, @EMCcorp
Dirk Henke, Managing Director Emerging Markets, Criteo, @criteo

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Mod: Fawzi Rahal, Founder and Managing Partner, Gamutt, @fawzirahal