How to build your funnel in less than 2 hours!!

” You’re building the funnel to acquire your customer, but you’re building the Shopify or store or whatever the platform you’re using to build a brand. So, it’s very important to use them both ”

So, how to build your funnel in less than 2 hours in 3 Steps?

1- FIRST, Use Facebook to check your niche and find what’s working right now on Facebook, if the ad goes social that’s mean this product is selling.

2- SECOND, Go to AliExpress to find this product.

3- THIRD, Go to Amazon to look for this product, why? Cause you need to confirm 2 things
– The first one is the reviews. If it gets high reviews so it means it sells.
– The Second to look up the upsells, and when you find them you’ll repeat the 2 step.

If you think this is very difficult watch Mohamed Ali Aguel doing it live in front of the attendees in less than 20 minute.
And if you’re facing problems with your accounts on facebook and want to avoid shutting them down, then you should #AlwaysListenToMo advice at this video about his golden rules to play it smart with Facebook Ads 😉

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