9 Steps you can follow as you try to Relaunch your Career

9 Steps you can follow as you try to Relaunch your Career

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Career rehabilitation is a process and only taking action will create change in their life so to change an existing career path you need to create a clearer picture of who you are and create blueprints of your dream job.

Whether you’re looking for a higher salary, a more fulfilling job, a mentor or greater benefits are just a different company to work for. The more information you can gather the better as it will help you craft a clear vision of what you want for your future.

We’ve asked a panel of experts to detail nine steps that they would advise you to take as you look to give your career a makeover.

1. You are your brand

Unfortunately, most employees no longer see themselves as crucial cogs in the organizations they work for they’re not empowered to think of themselves as individuals. This regularly leads to a breakdown of communication and employees becoming disenchanted with company leadership. If staff view themselves as unique brands they’re much happier to come to work every day and are committed to their careers. To do this you need to take a professional view of your strengths and weaknesses identify any subject matter expertise that you may have and use this to create a brand that your company would use indispensable at this point, you made me some resistance as the vast majority of companies are Ready for and are welcoming of this fundamental change in attitude from the employees.

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You may find that the working environment you’re in it’s not ready for you to voice your opinion, never mind start wearing your pajamas to work every day. The purpose of branding yourself is to become more comfortable with and more aware of your strengths, create a purpose for yourself within the working environment and start pursuing a career of personal enrichment. Use all the knowledge and experience that you’re learning in the current environment as a stepping stone to create your brand. I think this brand is indispensable to your manager and create a more progressive environment in which any additional experience and skill you bring is appreciated here are some questions that you can ask as you start to build your brand

  • Asked to be involved in more challenging work
  • An opportunity you have for personal development should be pursued to show any manager and that you are
  • Pursue higher qualifications and certifications
  • Start reading blogs books and other work-related industry publications
  • Your knowledge and skill base widens start writing or blogging.
  • Start watching videos from industry insiders
  • Work-related podcasts should become part of your daily life
  • If any opportunities arise where you can volunteer to take part in projects where you can collaborate with other experts in the field you should jump at them
  • Networking uses social media virtual webinars and even professional conferences or workshops to help meet other people in positions of strength

2. Build a stronger network

Many of my colleagues are among the best career coaches in the business and they’re always talking to their clients about dating before you get married. They mean it’s perfectly acceptable to spend 12 to 24 months in a career before you commit to it if you find your skills and experience are limiting you in any way shape or form. It’s okay to move on. But it can simply unless you’re learning from your experience and it’s adding to your career path is simply a waste of time.

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You’re busy building a personal brand, never getting married to any job before you understand its ins and outs. Obviously, not every door you’re going to knock on is going to end up in a dream career however every job that you take is an opportunity to learn and it’ll eventually put you on the path to success.

3. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself

Very few managers are going to come to you and ask you about your personal development or how your brand is helping you advance your career. To upscale and gain as much experience as you can once you have done this you need to Market yourself to some of the world’s best authors, speakers, actors, and even athletes as experts as a personal branding and they are not afraid to hide the fact that they provide excellent service. Using social networks such as LinkedIn allow you to promote your profile and connect your resume and experience to professionals in the same field there are other online groups and forums you can use to network too

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You’re never going to land your dream job unless you have an in-depth knowledge of your industry and know exactly what your potential employer is looking for. Remember that it takes courage to make a change in one’s life and also persistence and perseverance if you’re not happy with the direction your career path is taking look for an organization that has the ethos that inspires you and will allow you to build your knowledge and skill base as you pursue your dream career. The easiest way to learn this is by carefully reading job descriptions and personal specifications in job applications, how a company conducts their interviews and how they read your resume will give you a greater idea of what they’re looking for.

4. Don’t hide who you are

Now that you have started networking and building your brand it’s time to start testing the waters. When I start putting some feelers out into the markets introduce yourself to different HR managers and recruiters another leader in your industry ask them questions that will help rebrand your image look at different courses blogs websites and even presentations and white papers try and put your name to something that is both professional and beneficial to the industry you’re working in.

5. Cut negative influences out of your career

If you’re serious about relaunching your career, building a strong personal circle on your rebounding journey will help you understand what you once expected of you in the industry. You don’t necessarily have to be the heart and soul of the party being professional and reliable as well as punctual and polite are Central to professional development. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way to open doors in your career if you’re not happy in the company you’re with right now why not attend events that will help open other doors for you in a similar network

6. Learn to value your expertise

It’s no denying that most industries will get you to do as much work as possible for as little reward. Understanding your value is vital to rebuilding and relaunching your career if you don’t know how much it’s worth. How can you ever expect to earn both a high salary or even respect? Working for a company that offers a high Saturday generous benefits and incentives is the least that you deserve. Do you want to get the respect that your experience and skill set warrants far too many professionals undervalue themselves as they have no real concept of what others in their industry are earning? Lack of knowledge puts you at a disadvantage especially when it comes to negotiating the best package. Because you’re desperate to work for a company doesn’t mean that you should do it cheaply, ask for what you believe you’re worth.

7. Don’t become misguidedly loyal

Career rehabilitation may be making some difficult decisions before you find the right path. Finding a balance between professional commitment and misguided loyalty is important. You want to build a strong career foundation but to do so while sacrificing too much of your time or energy is just going to be counterintuitive. The most successful people in the world have a deep understanding of their physical mental and spiritual well-being remaining both mentally and physically strong it’s one of the most important tests have while pursuing your career

8. It’s ok to move on

You’re probably already commuting a minimum of an hour a day to get to and from work this means that you’re spending nearly 200 hours of your working career every year just getting to your chosen job. Cincinnati to working weeks that’s a huge amount of time and a personal career and it’s a shame to waste it. Learning with the contrary strings is one of the most important skills you learn when trying to advance your career path. If you don’t have a career that provides you with a work-life balance it’s time to move on. if they do nothing different tomorrow than they did today nothing will change.

9. Focus is the key to success

Remain committed to a specific career path on which you firmly believe the right path reaching your considered goal and completely rehabilitating your career is probably much closer than you believe. At this point remaining focused and positive will be vital to your career to decorating here are some things you should continue to do on somebody should have all you do

Try to do the following:

  • Never give up
  • Be their best self
  • Set manageable challenges
  • Visualization techniques
  • Think positively
  • Meditation helps them focus

Avoid the following:

  • Avoid negative thinking
  • Success is never passive
  • Not Believing in their ability
  • Take responsibility don’t blame others

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

“Everything you can imagine is real.”― Pablo Picasso


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