Fitness Marketing Strategies – 11 Tips To Grow Your Business | Marketing 360®

Fitness Marketing Strategies – 11 Tips To Grow Your Business | Marketing 360®

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Fitness Marketing Strategies

Grow Your Business Today with Marketing 360®

Do you own a gym or a fitness center? Want to grow your business and increase signups? Check out these 11 Fitness Marketing Strategies that will help you grow your business.

Tip No.1

Build a highly convertible and professional website (mobile-first). Take pride in your content – your website is your 24/7 sales person that never calls in sick! When people are researching gyms and/or trainers, they compare websites

Tip No.2

Build a strong presence on social media! Social proof is huge with a gym, people want to see you’re posting good content and your members are engaged and passionate about your brand. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube would be among the most popular social platforms for gyms.

Tip No.3

Create lots of videos! One idea is to write down questions you are asked during the week and make videos of those things to share on social media! You can also create a weekly email or SMS tips series people can subscribe to and get tips via email or text! Also, tell your client’s stories, feature a member of the week

Tip No.4

Use a CRM! Keep detailed notes on your clients, send automated emails for holidays, birthdays and more. Check-in & follow up with clients and keep them engaged! This CRM is free for life!

Tip No.5

Invest in building a strong online reputation. Give a free month for a review!

Tip No.6

Get Listed & Optimize Local Listings & Directories

Tip No.7

Get on the 1st page of Google for your top keywords (SEO, Maps, Paid Search). Also, run brand campaigns for your gym’s name! You can even consider competitor ads (run ads for other gym names)

Tip No.8

Run retargeting ads on Google display network, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Tip No.9

Run Social Targeting Ads on Facebook & Instagram in your area. Consider targeting followers of other gyms. Video ads work best, provide value, don’t sell.

Tip No.10

Develop a corporate program and offer businesses and organizations nearby a discount! Consider running classes for those groups.

Tip No.11

Increase your revenue per client by selling swag, supplements, gear, drinks & snacks, meal plans, etc.

Bonus Tip – Use an all-in-one marketing platform that has both the talent & technology you need to succeed.

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