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Hello, this is Nathaniel Moore with guaranteed profit command;

Our focus on this video right now is going to be on one of the most challenging transitions that we can make as entrepreneurs and at the same time.

It’s one of the most profitable transitions that we can make. That challenge becomes an opportunity for profitability when our business gets to the level of complexity that we have grown.

With our own two hands, we can no longer, and our own two eyes, manage every prospect or process within that business.

And so what I’m talking about right now is the process of building effective teams and profitable teams inside of your business, and I usually talk about the process of going from Scylla burner to entrepreneurial leader as a mindset shift over a skill development process.
Because all those building skills are the critical part that we can talk with, we can talk about the most defining moment as an entrepreneur and our overall business growth when we go From.

building effective teams and profitable teams inside of your business

How can I get this done? You know me so how can I find the right people and build the suitable systems to it you know achieve any the goal now just saying that just talking about the simple mind shift of going from how can I get this done to how can I find the right people and build the suitable systems to get this done It sounds effortless.

It sounds simple when you talk about it, but my experience tells me that most of us have an adamant time with this, and I think I think the reason for that is because we know deep down inside that no one else that we ever bring into our business.

When they first as an employee or as a team member first are integrated into our business, we know deep down that they are not going to care about our business as much as we do, at least we believe that right, and if you think that then you are most likely right because it’s pretty much impossible for someone to care as much about the businesses you do that hasn’t you know it.

It doesn’t have the same emotional investment hasn’t spent the hours and the sweat it made.

You know the dedicated decisions you made to get your business to where it is today, so how can you ever expect somebody to bring it into your business care as much about your business, right Well, they’re not going to.

The next thought that usually comes along as an entrepreneur is, well if someone doesn’t care as much about my businesses, I do.

I bring them in to take care of a certain business aspect that some fulfil for my company.

Then they’re probably not going to do as good of a job as I would do right, that’s a very common fear and understandably, but there’s a little trick to that, really, because someone doesn’t necessarily have to care about your business as much as you do to get as good as if not a better result than you could ever get because since there’s only so much of you.

There’s only so much time; all you need is someone with a specific value set that is important as far as their work ethic is concerned, and the characteristics are affected by a very specific attitude.

A particular skill set is the potential to develop a potential skill set could be developed because they think a certain way and they have particular interests which are essential because if they are interested in this if they have interests in parts of the process, then you’ll have their attention right, and if there’s attention and the proper
intention to get the right things.

Which comes from a values perspective then, of course, they’re going to be able to get it, and they’re going to be a profitable team played overtime if you integrate the certain characteristics in your culture then, of course, there are ways you help people feel more and more ownership over their jobs.

develop a potential skill

Still, I want to invite you in this video to start to think from the entrepreneurial perspective of our entrepreneurial leader an entrepreneurial leadership perspective of how I find the right people.

How can I build the suitable systems to take my business to the next level so that I can do more of what my highest calling is inside my business so that way I can receive more profit from my business in that way, I can live a little bit more of a balanced life because of most of us?

I decided to become entrepreneurs because we wanted to have a little more freedom and choices and then sacrificed.

Those to create a result from the business that we chose so anyways and are in our videos to come what we’re going to talk about are those located characteristics inside of team members and a few of the things we’ll talk about the following video.

But remember that our businesses only grow as quickly as we do, so if you have any questions about this process about building teams inside your business, feel free to ask them here at guaranty profit command. Other than that, I hope that you’re able to use all the value in this video, and I hope you also have a great day, so we’ll talk to you soon.

“Only the paranoid survive.” – Andy Grove

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

“I wake up every morning and think to myself, ‘how far can I push this company in the next 24 hours.’” – Leah Busque


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