How To Be A Digital Nomad in Cape Town, South Africa

How To Be A Digital Nomad in Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Community, South Africa, is an excellent and unique location to live and work. It’s been our home for many years currently, and also, while we enjoy going out to see the world, it’s constantly wonderful coming back.

There’s a fair total up to bear in mind being such a distinct destination, though. You can have a fantastic time here; you need to know what to look for. As both residents and nomads, we have put together an overview of operating in Cape Town for electronic nomads.


Cape Town is a very varied area depending upon the community you’re staying in. Some locations are eliminated from everything, while various other locations of the city are stunning and also main.

These areas are some of the most effective locations to stay in Cape Community.

Cape Town Garage

The Cape Community Garage is among the most prominent coworking spaces in Cape Town and advertises cooperation, collaboration, and partnership between workers, with freelance creatives not omitted.

Suppose you are interested in a team of as many as 10 people in a single office. Because instance, Cape Town Garage supplies inexpensive office space that permits services to expand their organization. Cape Town Garage: Cape Town Garage is the residence of South Africa’s most innovative and innovative companies.


However, if you like the idea of a marked area, and choose more privacy than a group, you can safeguard a seat at Seedspace, among Cape Town’s most famous coworking spaces. If you work away or are trying to find a place to do work, have a look at a coworking room near you. SeedSpace likewise has offices in areas around the globe, consisting of Cape Town.

The Seedspace office in Cape Community is ideal for start-ups and local businesses, as various coworking rooms surround it, from tiny offices to coworking areas.

Whether you are a well-known business trying to find an adjustment of views, a coworking office in Cape Community can supply an economical and also practical remedy for companies of all backgrounds.

Although there are numerous benefits related to coworking, some are universal for leasing offices in Cape Community.

A coworking room offers small businesses, start-ups, and experts the opportunity to team up with similar individuals in a fresh and dynamic atmosphere, where they can network and make good friends. Increasing in Cape Community offers numerous spaces to spread and trade suggestions, where you can share your tips. You can pick from offices in many workers’ areas, from tiny offices to big offices.


The high poverty rate in Cape Town means that most crimes are financially motivated – mugging and pick-pocketing are something to be on guard for in some areas, like downtown. That being said, in most cases, there’s no reason to feel unsafe, especially when in a group. Common sense is your best bet in warding against being mugged or pick-pocketed.

Digital Nomad in Cape Town
  • Don’t flaunt your valuables. Keep your bag and pockets close and in sight at all times, especially in crowded areas like dance floors.
  • Avoid walking downtown at night and on weekends when it gets crowded.
  • Rather than walking at night, take a taxi or Uber.
  • Don’t take people up on their offer of helping you at ATMs – it’s a scam! Use ATMs inside banks or shopping centers.
  • Instead of giving to beggars, consider donating to a homeless shelter or charity. Not to sound harsh, but giving money or food to a homeless person or child in the street may result in them becoming your shadow and following you around town – yes, this happened to one of our Tribers.
  • Avoid walking by yourself at night, or running and hiking the trails on your own. An exception to this is the Sea Point promenade, where there are always a lot of people around until late into the night, making it safe to stroll or run by yourself.
  • Don’t leave valuables visible in your rental car when parked and always drive with doors locked.

This may sound frightening, but it’s honestly nothing to really worry about. If you stick to these common-sense rules, especially downtown, it’s unlikely that anything will happen. Many areas in Cape Town are actually very safe and we never felt threatened or unsafe even when by ourselves. These areas include Sea Point, Greenpoint, Camps Bay, Clifton, and the V&A Waterfront, to name a few popular destinations in town. For extra info, please have a look at our Top Tips for staying safe.

Cape Community Workshop17

Cape Community Workshop17 in the landmark is one of Cape Community’s most popular coworking areas and has 2 areas. The Cape Community office remains in the East City area, surrounded by numerous shops, bars, and dining establishments.

V&A Waterside

The V&A Beachfront is Cape Community’s flagship visitor destination and some great coworking rooms are below. Below are a few of the very best coworking spaces on the planet if you want to work in the area. Additionally, remote workers can concern function throughout South Africa if they are not as well away. This makes it an excellent base to check out the city, with many spaces for staff.

Additionally known as IC in the city’s imaginative area, this luxurious coworking room is the best beginning point for your service to grow. Like various other coworking areas in Cape Community, Stoep Start-up provides a means to work, escape website traffic, and obtain motivation. Entrepreneurs can also visit and work together at the Awethu Hubbers coworking space, which will undoubtedly open up quickly if there is room.

Kelvin’s Edge is a coworking space for creatives, designers, filmmakers, and web content creators that focus on creative writing, digital photography, video manufacturing, and other innovative jobs. This is among Cape Community’s most prominent coworking areas for creatives and entrepreneurs and is simply a few blocks from the city’s central workplace.


You can also find more remote workspaces on Croissant. There are a number of lovely places in Cape Town – many of them with gorgeous views and great coffee.

Digital Nomad in Cape Town

Stoep Startup Coworking Room

Stoep Startup Coworking Room participants get in touch with the Cape Community area, and also it was an absolute pleasure to enjoy the neighborhood expand as well as thrive. It describes itself as a workplace offering ingenious metropolitan businesses that require offices that promote efficiency and possibility.

Greenpoint Coworking offers a vast array of workplaces, from small to huge, with numerous workplaces for several businesses.

As practically any digital wanderer that has ever lived or worked here will inform you, Cape Community is just one of the very best places in the world to operate in a studio.

It is not a surprise that the more straightforward answer to the question of what kind of office space is an ideal fit for collaborating is whether you lease a tiny workplace, a huge office, or perhaps a permanent office. Cape Community has a selection of different workplaces, from little workshops to large offices, with numerous work workshops in between.

Coffee Shop Ki Bok

Coffee shop Ki Bok makes it simple to remain on the internet and satisfy various other digital nomads on the move. If you want to fulfill similar remote employees, you can join the deportees at Cape Town Digital Nomad Club.

Johannes Volkner, the creator of Wanderer Cruise, leads this group, and you can also upload, attach, and organize conferences in the group.

This is a real neighborhood get-together that will undoubtedly motivate you and educate you a whole lot concerning the electronic lifestyle of the nomads. Feel confident that you will certainly have the opportunity to satisfy a few of the most effective and most exciting people worldwide, from traveling blog writers to travel overviews to coworking specialists.

Central City Suggestions Cartel concentrates on producing a space that makes it possible for efficiency and a good work experience. There are two areas, both in the CBD. Membership arrays from a day pass to an extensive plan that provides access to swimming pools, lounge areas, bars, gyms, and so much more. They developed these lovely rooms for entrepreneurs as well as nomads.


Another preferred location amongst citizens and also vacationers alike is Seapoint. This area lies right along the coast, making it particularly ideal if you’re around during the summer months. Or if you enjoy surfing like Ollie and me.

Digital Nomad in Cape Town

Seapoint has an eclectic environment, with plenty of cafes and dining establishments and also excellent WiFi. It’s additionally a very easy stroll or bus trip from the city center, checking off benefits too. Order some stellar ice cream, stroll along the promenade, and also enjoy the views and also pleasant people. In no time at all in any way, you’ll seem like among the residents.

Things to do in Cape Town

From magnificent mountains, world-renowned wine routes, coastal hideaways, and the trendiest coffee bar scene– Cape Town is whatever you might want.

As the most miniature pricey city in the region, it’s the perfect spot for digital nomads.

For a Digital Nomad from the U.S.A. or U.K., you can expect to pay almost 60– 70% less than in the house for lease and energy.

So, where can you expect to work? You remain in good luck as there’s a wealth of co-working spaces and also a coffee bar that’ll rejoice to have you.

In some areas, the Cape Town ambiance lends itself to a hipster and a HIPPY age. However, it’s normal to find most people gathering in Bistros and Coffee Shops for conferences or getting some internet job done.

You’ll fit right in with your laptop computer trying to find a complimentary Wi-Fi hotspot.

Whether you are an adrenaline addict or simply searching for the next substantial life experience, right here are a couple of extreme sports you can try in South Africa, whether para-gliding, browsing, mountain cycling, kayaking, or any other severe sporting activity.

Get fresh air and exercise, appreciate the attractive landscapes, and find hidden gems. Try the Surf Camp, one of the most appealing team tasks Cape Town offers.

Experience everything from windsurfing on the beach to an assisted kayak scenic tour or even a kayak excursion of Cape Community.

Cape Town provides numerous exciting tasks, but a couple of them can compete with abseiling off the cliffs of Table Mountain.

  • Sandboarding

Sandboarding can handle everything from device transfer to leasing, and there are many types of exciting options around and a vast array of tasks.

  • Day Trippers Downhill Journey

Whether you are an experienced skydiver, a novice jumper, or intend to discover to dive on your own, you must be careful. For mountain biking adventures, you can call the Cape Town-based firm Day Trippers Downhill Adventure. In addition, I can advise day trips that use all Digital Nomad in Cape Town sorts of bike tours around Cape Town from my experience.

Cape Town, Gansbaai, and Mossel Bay are several of the most prominent vacation destinations in South Africa. In addition, Cape Town supplies a variety of hill cycling and mountaineering possibilities.

In March, the annual Cape Community Cycling Scenic tour happens on the Western Cape, taking bicyclists on a round trip around the Cape Peninsula with impressive table mountains and seaside views.

Day 2 is a day of action with various events for tiny groups. Joggers take to the streets over Easter weekend break while running in Cape Community’s worldwide friendship urges individuals to get associated with the marathon.

  • Cape Town Extreme Sports Adventure.

Cape Town Extreme Sports Adventure includes all the tools you require, from a kayak scenic tour to a para-gliding excursion or perhaps a windsurfing scenic tour. So inspect your waterproofness and head to Cape Town for an hr to experience this stressful and fantastic experience.

Numerous Cape Community tours cover most of the city’s significant destinations in one day. In addition, the Cape Community City Pass provides access to all the city’s tourist attractions and tasks, consisting of a range of special events, tours, occasions, activities, and a Digital Nomad in Cape Town variety of various other destinations and events.

Accredited Cape Town tourist companies consist of Skydive Two Sea, which offers a significant 5-day safari that takes you to the Aquila Private Video Game Reserve. Recognized operators consist of Traveling Tiger Tours, the biggest and most prominent private excursion driver on the planet.

  • Skydive Cape Community

With Skydive Cape Community, you can do absolutely nothing wrong; you jump into a harness in Cape Community, as well as you are ready to go, with the valleys, through woodlands, the hills, or over the forest. Of course, various options depend upon the destination. However, you can take a sandboard for a couple of hours or just a couple of hours in a helicopter.

If you are serious about surfing, there are a lot of surf spots to check out, such as the popular surf place in the South Africa National Browse Park.

If you are the type that likes to be in the water, you can try many Digital Nomads in Cape Town water sports in Cape Town, such as kayaking, rafting, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and also diving.

Cape Community offers a picturesque landscape and many exciting tasks that will make your adrenaline degrees soar. A breathtaking journey city will undoubtedly be one of the best memories you will ever have, mainly if you are a recreational applicant.

Come and Stay in Cape Town The Easy Way – With WiFi Tribe

And there you have it – our ultimate digital nomad Cape Town guide! Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to expect from this amazing location and how to prepare. To find out more about our upcoming chapter in this wonderful place

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