How to be a Digital Nomad in Ljublana, Slovenia

How to be a Digital Nomad in Ljublana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, a nation with a population of about 2 million, situated in between Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia. Ljubljana is located in Central Slovenia, between the Alps and the Karst. The population of Ljubljana has to do with 272k.

The sign of the city is the Dragon. It is represented on the top of the tower of Ljubljana Castle and the Ljubljanica-crossing Dragon Bridge. It signifies power and nerve.

Ljubljana was under Habsburgs from the Middle Ages up until 1918. After World War II, Ljubljana became the capital of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Slovenia became independent in 1991, and Ljubljana became the capital of the recently formed state.

Prešeren Square in the city center of Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana has an interesting mix of architectural designs and landscapes in the very center of the European continent rather. Ljubljana even got the irreversible title of UNESCO City of Literature, marking its cultural significance.

For a European capital, Ljubljana is reasonably small, particularly in locations like Berlin, London, and Paris. If you’re thinking about choosing Ljubljana as a location to work from another location, have an appearance at this guide for online business owners.

Why Ljubljana?

Despite its modest look, Ljubljana does have some intriguing functions. Beyond the art scene and fairy tale architecture, there’s more to the Slovenian capital than satisfies the eye.

Museums- Art, history, and music all come together in Ljubljana’s spectacular collection of museums.

Celebrations: Slovenians understand how to throw a party, and the buzzing center of events is the capital. From deeply-rooted cultural occasions to modern music celebrations, Ljubljana is hip and occurring.

Green areas: Ljubljana is understood for its gorgeous landscaped parks and arboretums.

Side journeys: Slovenia’s capital is an exceptional jump-off point for unforgettable (weekend) trips with striking mountains and impressive castles nearby.

Food: It might not have the track record of a cooking capital; however, Ljubljana surprises visitors with refined dining establishments and delicious food.

What’s the very best time to go to Ljubljana?

Regarding temperature level and rainfall, late spring to early fall is the most enjoyable time to invest in the city. However, especially July and August are many individuals’ preferred months, as there are nine sunlight hours typically and normal temperature levels of 22 degrees.

The environment of Ljubljana is continental, with cold winter seasons and warm summer seasons. Like in many European cities, the best time to go is spring/early summertime and fall. Ljubljana is a green city, so it’s fantastic to see all the plants in the spring and the vibrant leaves at the start of fall.


  • ⭐️ Total score 90% 4.02/5 (Rank #40)% 90% 4.02/5 (Rank #40)%
  • 🛍️ Quality of life score Good% Good%
  • 👪 Family Friendly Score Good% Good%
  • 💰 Cost of Living Affordable: $2,081 / mo% Affordable: $2,081 / mo%
  • 🖥️ Internet 🙂 Super fast: 51Mbps (avg)% 🙂 Super fast: 51Mbps (avg)%
  • 👮‍♀️ Lack of crime* Good% Good%
  • ☀️ Temperature A bit cold: 15°C (feels 15°C)% A bit cold: 15°C (feels 15°C)%
🗺️ Continent Europe 🏳️‍🌈 Country Slovenia
✈️ Average trip length 📅4 days 🖥️ Internet speed (avg) 🚀51 Mbps
☀️ Weather (now) 🌥 15°C + 💦 Damp (75%) = feels 15°C 💨 Air quality (now) 👍 25 US AQI  🍃 OK
🔋 Power 230V 50Hz ✈️ Best int’l air carrier Adria Airways

The climate of Ljubljana is continental, with cold winters and warm summers.
The city is the capital of Slovenia and is located in the central-western part of the country, at an altitude of 300 meters (1,000 feet). The Alps are to the north and the Carso to the south.
In winter, snow often falls, while there are frequent fogs when the weather is stable. Cold waves from Russia can bring intense frosts; during the most intense cold spells, the temperature can reach -20 °C (-4 °C). The cold record is -25.4 °C (-13.7 °F), set in January 1942.
In summer, there is a moderate amount of afternoon thunderstorms, although the sun shines quite often. There can be short heat waves, with peaks of 35 °C (95 °F). The heat record is 40.2 °C (104.4 °F), set in August 2013.
The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is of 1.2 °C (34 °F), that of the warmest month (July) is of 21.9 °C (72 °F). Here are the average temperatures.

Precipitation amounts to 1,370 millimeters (53.9 inches) per year: it is therefore quite abundant. It ranges from 65 mm (2.6 in) in the driest month (January) to 155 mm (6.1 in) in the wettest (September). Here is the average precipitation.

On average, there are around 1,955 sunshine hours per year. Here are the average sunshine hours per day.

Best Time

The best times to visit Ljubljana are spring and autumn, and in particular, the months of May, June and September: daytime temperatures are pleasant, although it’s better to bring a sweater and a jacket for the evening. In July and August, the temperature is usually not too hot, however, there is the risk of some very hot days, which can happen, though more rarely, also in the second half of June and in the first half of September.

In Ljubljana, the average temperature of the coldest month (January) is of 1.2 °C (34.1 °F), that of the warmest month (July) is of 21.9 °C (71.5 °F). Here are the average temperatures.




Ljubljana, Bohinj weather forecast hourly

😈 Kink +114% 🏡 Architecture +102% 🏎 Race sports +91% ⛵️ Sailing +84%
🎷 Jazz music +79% 🚐 Vanlife +79% 🏃 Sports +51% 🍏 iPhone +50%
🌊 Diving +47% 🎸 Rock music +40% 🤑 Sales +39% 🙏 Spiritual +39%
😎 Single +22% 🎓 Master’s Degree +35% ⛷ Skiing +31% 🍷 Wine +24%

Cost of living
Personal apartments are offered from 600 USD monthly. If you’re cautious with your grocery shopping, transport, and other common costs, you can most likely make ends consult with a month-to-month spending plan of 1200 USD.

💵 Cost of living for nomad $2,069 / month 💵 Cost of living for expat $1,321 / month
💵 Cost of living for family $2,170 / month 💵 Cost of living for local $620 / month
🏠 1br studio rent in center $426 / month 🏢 Coworking $101 / month
🏨 Hotel (median price) $1,332 / month 🏨 Hotel (median price) $62 / night
🏡 Airbnb (median from 1,001 listings) $2,212 / month 🏠 Airbnb (median price) $73 / night
🍺 Beer (0.5L) $2.66 🍛 Dinner $6.39

Another location in Ljubljana

Aside from the old center of Ljubljana, there are many other good locations to remain in the city.


Trnovo is a serene area situated simply south of the old city center. The lodgings in this part of the city are much more affordable than those in the city center. If you are showing up with cars and trucks, there are a lot of parking areas in Trnovo, which is not the case for the city center, where the parking areas are costly and extremely difficult to discover.

Trnovo is popular for its gorgeous Trnovo Church, its plant, and the common one-floor real estate systems with huge gardens on the back of each. In addition, there is a little alternative scene in Trnovo, the center being bar Sax Pub, where residents typically delight in nights with live jazz music.

Stylish Trnovo is a big suburban area encompassing the south of Ljubljana. Near the University of Ljubljana, the location is student-centered and specifically popular with the city’s more youthful crowd.

There are many relaxing coffeehouses and cool bars to invest your time in when you are not taking in the sights. Speaking of sights, the north end of Trnovo is simply a brief walk away from the city.

It is far enough away to be quieter and less crowded with travelers; however, still close to adequate that you can quickly go to all the significant tourist attractions.

There are some fascinating sights to see within Trnovo itself, too. In keeping with the academic style of the trainee district, there are numerous curious museums dotted around the area.

The remains of an ancient Roman wall and city gate can be discovered in the north of the district. Countless years of age, the ruins testify to how long Ljubljana has been established as a city and neighborhood.

The stunning Janeza Krstnika Church is likewise certainly worth a checkout. The twin spires tower over the surrounding location, drawing individuals towards the captivating structure.

The beautiful church is approached by the renowned Trnovo bridge, which, in addition to numerous functions from the church’s interior, was developed by regional designer Jože Plečnik. In his previous house, a museum commemorating Plečnik’s work is likewise situated close by.


Poljane is an area situated in the southeast of the old city center, with its northernmost part ending at the place of the primary Ljubljana market. The Ljubljana Castle hill situated simply southwestern of Poljane makes a fantastic area to remain.

The strolling range to the old city center is simply a couple of minutes; this makes Poljane so popular amongst travelers. The location is a little busier due to the traffic; however, there are still a couple of excellent dining establishments and bars in the area.


This little part of the city, situated simply south of the old city center, utilized to be a town not long earlier. While strolling through Krakovo, one can not miss its town appeal, this is the factor the residents of Ljubljana still call “the town in the city.”

The location is incredibly peaceful, there is no traffic allowed in Krakovo, and there are still numerous gardens where residents grow their veggies. Remaining in Krakovo is a great option for visitors who take pleasure in the peaceful environment but still wish to remain near all the happenings in the old city center, which one can reach in just a few minutes. There are no dining establishments or stores in Krakovo; however, on the other hand, there is whatever one requires simply several streets away in the old city center.

Krakow is a compact little district simply south of the town hall, on the banks of the Ljubljanica River. As soon as an independent fishing town, the location keeps a few of its old-world appeals in the form of lovely homes lining the riverbanks.

If you are trying to find someplace to seem like you are simply residing in Ljubljana truly, you can’t beat Krakovo. From its charming regional bakeshops to its vibrant markets, Krakovo has whatever you might wish to take in the regional neighborhood environment.

Simply a brief walk from the city center tourist attractions, Krakovo is perfect for those who desire a piece of easygoing, rural life without wandering off too far from piece de resistances.

You do not require to fret about getting tired by the drowsy town ambiance when you are simply minutes from the pressure of the city.

You will discover several fashionable bars and dining establishments and hill hang-out areas for the ex-pat and trainees in the neighborhood.

Koseze were to remain in Ljubljana for households

Laidback Koseze is a quiet suburban area northwest of Ljubljana. Koseze uses a quieter option without wandering off too far from the enjoyment, simply over a mile from the dynamic far from the historical old town.

If you are preparing a household trip, specifically with young kids, Koseze is among the very best options in Ljubljana.

You will not need to fret about losing the children in town hall crowds; however, you can still nip in and out quickly enough when you wish to take pleasure in some sightseeing.

Koseze runs along the north edge of Tivoli Park. The open yards and leafy forests supply adequate areas for kids to burn some energy, while older visitors value the many churches, museums, and sculptures.

You will likewise be simply a comfy ignore Ljubljana Zoo.

The best household day out, Ljubljana Zoo is house to over a hundred various types of animals for you to observe and find out about. In addition, coffee shops within the zoo and throughout the park suggest you can take a break whenever you get tired of pounding the routes.

Being a domestic, suburban area, Koseze is likewise perfect if you wish to avoid your fellow travelers and live as the residents do. Instead, you can invest your time unwinding in family-run dining establishments and comfortable bars, experiencing daily life for the city’s homeowners.

Likewise, you can circumnavigate Slovenia with the A2 freeway close by this community. It connects several significant Slovene cities, like Kranj, Ljubljana, and Novo Mesto, and belongs to Pan-European Corridor X.

Rental lodging is a little scarcer than in the more popular traveler districts. You can delight in the regional hospitality at one of the lovely guesthouses or dive into a self-catered home’s regional way of life.

Costs here are more budget-friendly than in the town hall, so you will not need to jeopardize your spending plan.

✅ Pretty safe ❌ Not much to do
✅ Fast internet ❌ Cold now
✅ Good air quality on average ❌ Gets cold in the winter
✅  Nomad List members liked going here a lot ❌ Very damp now
✅ Many Nomad List members have been ❌ Not many Nomad List members right now
✅ Spacious and not crowded ❌ People smoking tobacco a lot
✅ Easy to do business ✅ Democratic
✅ High quality of education ✅ Everyone speaks English
✅ Great hospitals ✅ Safe for women
✅ Roads are very safe ✅ Family-friendly
✅ Great freedom of speech ✅ LGBTQ+ friendly

Where To Eat And Drink


This was among my preferred meals in Slovenia, and the dining establishment lies easily in the Old Town on among the most lovely streets. If you go, do not miss out on purchasing the cheese dumplings. They were genuinely among the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.


For high-end modern-day Slovenian food, head to Atelje, which does everyday prix fixe menus in a lovely light-filled setting. This one is more for the foodies out there and not always a casual pop-in area. If you’re interested in checking out the more progressive landscape of food in Slovenia, this is a location to contribute to your list.

Siblings Kurtoš

This is it if you’re looking for the finest trdelnik in Ljubljana. Found right off the river, a stop at Sisters Kurtoš is the perfect way to top off a river cruise or satisfy any sweet yearning.

TINK Superfood Café

For healthy avocado toast and açai bowls, head to Tink Superfood Café, which is a bit beyond the Old Town; however, the ideal method to sustain up for a long day of strolling the city.

Črno Zrno Specialty Coffee

Črno Zrno is the prettiest hole-in-the-wall coffee store in Ljubljana. We got to talk with Alexander, who was the one making our coffees, and discovered that he moved to Ljubljana after satisfying his partner in Warsaw, Poland.

L Bistro & Bar

L Bistro & Bar in the lobby dining establishment of the stunning brand-new Hotel Lev. We got an espresso here in their sensational lobby bar, which has a few of the most stunning styles we experienced in Ljubljana. Likewise, this would be a fantastic setting for a light lunch or mixed drink with pals.

Abi Falafel

When you’re ill with Slovenian food, head to Abi Falafel for inexpensive, delicious Arabic consumption. You can buy up an enormous plate of falafel, hummus, and all the works here for under $10.

Stow Coffee

Found inside the City Museum, Stow is a sensational area with high ceilings and minimalist decoration that dishes out a terrific cup of coffee. It’s the best method to start a day of museum hopping if that’s your jam.

El Patron

This small hole-in-the-wall taco joint has restricted seating and does not accept bookings; however, if you’re fortunate adequate to snag among the few areas at their counter, you’ll be dealt with the very best Mexican food in Ljubljana Residing in California, I’m quite picky about my Mexican food, and while El Patron does not overpower my California favorites, it was an enjoyable surprise to get excellent, genuine Mexican food in Slovenia.

What To Do In Ljubljana.

Take a Boat Tour Down the River

If you choose to acquire The Ljubljana Card, a boat cruise down the Ljubljanica River comes complimentary with your purchase and is well worth the 45-minute journey. Ljubljana is quite a city that focuses on its riverfront, so to experience the buzz and architecture from the water was an enjoyable experience I would do again. It’s likewise a terrific method to rest your feet after a long day of strolling the city!

Kongresni Trg (Congress Square).

This is among the most beautiful squares in the city, with a tranquil park to one side and gorgeous views of Ljubljana Castle. See you on a warm day throughout your journey.

See Ljubljana Castle.

This is the primary landmark in the city, and you’ll certainly see it set down high up on a hill from essentially every angle in Ljubljana. Go to the top of the lookout tower for the most legendary views over the whole city.

Search the marketplaces.

Like many European cities, Ljubljana has a lot of lovely markets to check out, from flower markets and food stalls to kiosks to get fantastic presents for loved ones’ back house. Culture Trip has an excellent breakdown of a few of Ljubljana’s finest markets here.

Attempt Roasted Chestnuts in Prešeren Square.

When it pertains to street food in Slovenia, roasted chestnuts are at the top of my list. This was a reward for me to attempt roasted chestnuts for the first time throughout our walk through Prešeren Square. Unfortunately, I can’t verify if this is an all-year-round thing or more seasonal as we checked out in October; however, if you get the possibility to attempt this tasty and economical treat, you will not regret it.

Nebotičnik Skyscraper.

While those utilized to city living may laugh at its “high-rise building” name (it’s just 231 feet high), it is one of the finest views neglecting Ljubljana. As a benefit, a table here offers a perfect vantage point from which to record the Ljubljana Castle.

Tivoli Park.

On a warm day, head to Tivoli Park to take in the lovely surroundings and gardens of the biggest green area in the city. Many residents will be running and strolling their pet dogs here, as the park has many paths to consider a nature-filled walk.

Ljubljana Cathedral.

Another significant landmark on Ljubljana’s horizon is the Ljubljana Cathedral in the Old Town. Its twin towers, including green domes, are simple to identify and gorgeous to picture. Initially constructed as a Gothic Church, the cathedral (likewise called St. Nicholas’s Church) was changed by a Baroque structure in the early 18th Century.

Check Out Plečnik House.

Among the more special experiences throughout my remain in Ljubljana was our check out to Plečnik House, the house of the late Jože Plečnik, Slovenia’s a lot of prominent designers. Plečnik is to Ljubljana what Antoni Gaudi was to Barcelona. His impacts and work can be seen throughout the city, from the Triple Bridge and Cobbler’s Bridge to the Žale Cemetery and National and University Library.

To discover Jože Plečnik’s life at his house is to find out about the city of Ljubljana itself. Little group trips run every hour and have a capability of 7 individuals, so get here early to protect your area.

Roam the Cutest Streets in the Old Town.

Ljubljana is filled with lovely cobblestone streets that you’ll wish to record on a video camera if you’re anything like me. A few of my individual preferred streets to shoot were Gornji trg (imagined above), Stari Trg, and Križevniška ulica.

Prešeren Square.

The main meeting point in Ljubljana is Prešeren Square, which sits simply over the river adjacent to the Triple Bridge in the Old Town pedestrian zone. You’ll observe that this square is among the city’s liveliest areas, with the strong pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation marking its area and a range of activities happening here throughout the year consisting of carnivals, demonstrations, political demonstrations activities, and shows.

Vegan/ Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants

Vegan and vegetarian dining establishments are important in numerous tourists’ travel plans. So treat your inner self to a hearty meal in these dining establishments.

Premium Vegan (vegan)– Centrally situated dining room with a menu of cold beginners, mains, salads, and desserts. Velvety risotto with asparagus ragout and their innovative salads are some of the eye-catchers on Gourmet Vegan’s card.

Veganika (vegan)- Veganika is a little gem within Ljubljana’s food scene, from imaginative noodle meals to color-popping salads. They likewise do unique fruit juices and some incredible dairy-free cakes if there’s any space left in your tummy.

Radha Govinda (vegan/vegetarian)– This location blends Indian impacts with other Asian and global foods. How enjoyable is it to purchase a lasagna or Turkish burek and set your meal with a mango lassi? Radha Govinda offers a low-profile food experience in the downtown location.

Organic Food Stores and Markets

For many people, a healthy or environment-conscious way of living isn’t simply restricted to eating in restaurants in plant-based dining establishments. If you’re cooking and eating with herbivorous, fairtrade, or natural items every day, you might wish to check out the organic food shops and markets Ljubljana needs to provide.

Kalček Organic Store Šiška: This store is understood for its natural, gluten-free items. Even though this store is simple and small, it has all important staples like grains, tofu, dairy-free cheese, vegan butter, and treats like natural chocolate.

Bio prodajalna Norma- Like the first store, Bio prodajalna Norma offers routine cooking area staples and preferred treats to munch on. They likewise have a little choice of vegetables and fruits, plus natural juices, sauces, pickles, and oils.

Central Market- This is, in fact, among the piece de resistance in the town hall and a fascinating market for your daily requirements. The choice of fruits and greens is rather frustrating, and you’re sure to put some well-balanced meals on the table after searching the Central Market. Dried fruits, pickles, and ready-to-eat meals are readily available.

Slovenian food is based upon fresh in your area sourced active ingredients and shows a wealth of local variety. For centuries it has been established in the “gostilna” dining establishments, standard locations to take pleasure in great food and white wine in great business.

The modern methods these days’ chefs have just fine-tuned and updated the old customs. So if you visit the Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna) or visit among the quality dining establishments in Ljubljana, you may come across modern variations of popular meals.

The most genuine Slovenian dining establishments happily utilize the markings of regional heritage:

Taste Ljubljana: the standard meals of Ljubljana are prepared to utilize contemporary cooking approaches

Taste Central Slovenia: standard regional meals of the Central Slovenia area

” Gostilna Slovenija”: high-quality local meals served in genuine regional dining establishments

Slovenian meals and homemade fruit and vegetables can be purchased in markets and specialized stores. To name a few things, you can acquire quality cheese and dairy, honey (Slovenia has among the wealthiest customs of apiculture worldwide), treated meat, and quality Slovenian red wines.

Kranjska klobasa (Carniolan sausage): is the best understood Slovenian specialty. The earliest recognized reference of a sausage described as “Kranjska klobasa” goes back to 1896. (Typical of Alpine Slovenia, the area of Gorenjska.).

Potica, a yeast-dough cake with a range of filling alternatives, is the most normal Slovenian dessert. The best understood of over 80 ranges are tarragon, walnut, crackling, and poppy seed poticas. (Typical of main Slovenia.).

Prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layered cake) is a wet dessert including layers of a poppy seed, cottage cheese, walnut, and apple filling. It is safeguarded under the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed classification and can just be offered under its name when prepared according to the standard dish. (Typical of Pannonian Slovenia, the area of Prekmurje.).

It goes especially well with a glass of Kras Teran, a red, white wine grown in the Kras area and well understood for its recovery homes. (Typical of seaside Slovenia and the Kras area.).

Štruklji is a standard Slovenian boiled or baked dough roll with various sweet or mouth-watering filling alternatives, served either as a primary or side meal. The best understood are tarragon, cottage cheese, walnut, apple, and poppy seed štruklji. (Typical of main Slovenia.).

There are a couple of cafes that you can use for your temporary office. During our stay in Ljubljana, we were mostly working at home, but we would recommend these to try out:

Kavarna SEM lounge bar, Metelkova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana

My favorite place is located in a great area next to the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum with the awesome cultural vibe, great outside sitting area, chilled atmosphere, and a good place for meetings. The internet is solid; they have a great variety of coffees, snacks, and beers.

Tozd, Gallusovo nabrežje 27, 1000 Ljubljana

My second favorite place for work and my first favorite to grab a beer. It’s located right on the banks of the Ljubljanica River. The interior and a big terrace under the trees and next to the river give you good ambient to sit down, work and have a great coffee. Internet is good, choice of drinks and snacks as well.

Pritličje, Mestni trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

This place is located in the heart of Ljubljana. A good place to work during the day and an underground party place during the night. An LGBT-friendly place with a nice artistic atmosphere. Internet is solid, and coffee is good.

ČinČin Tobačna, Tržaška c. 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Apparently, this is the hyped place at the moment. We hadn’t had a chance to visit it during our stay, but while doing my online research, it came up several times as a great place to work and chill. So it seems like it’s worth trying.

Kavarna Rog, Petkovškovo nabrežje 67, 1000 Ljubljana

Besides being a great place to work in a cultural hub in Ljubljana, Rog serves great food, delicious breakfast options, and coffee. The staff is friendly and attentive.

Kavarna NUK Café, Turjaška ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana

NUK Cafe is located in the National and University Library building, very affordable and great atmosphere. Solid Wifi.

Recommended bars and restaurants
You can find many charming bars and restaurants in Ljubljana. To name a couple of favorite ones:

Lajbah Pivnica, Grudnovo nabrežje 15, 1000 Ljubljana

If you love craft beers, LajBah is the place for you. They have about 23 beers in the daily offer, but the offer is changing seasonally.

Centralna Postaja, Trubarjeva cesta 23, 1000 Ljubljana

Located in the iconic Trubarjeva street, Centralna Postaja is a great place for a quick stop during the day or the start of your night out. Good music, drinks, and food.

Žmauc, Rimska cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana

Zmauc is an iconic, colorful bar that offers a relaxing and unique vibe. They have a patio, too, so you can chill outside while sipping your drink.

Lepa Žoga, Celovška cesta 43, 1000 Ljubljana

Lepa Zoga is one of the legendary sports bar in the Siska area. For sure one of the most popular places for all sports enthusiasts. Other there are some small festivals, live concerts in the atrium at the back of the bar. Definitely worth a visit. Try their hotdogs.

Pivnica Union, Celovška cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana

There are 2 major breweries in Slovenia, Lasko, and Union, and Union brewery is conveniently located in Ljubljana center. The bar offers a great selection of beers, good food that you can enjoy on a terrace or inside.

When it comes to restaurants, there is a lot of good food you can find in Ljubljana. There is a lot of fancy restaurants, restaurants with traditional Slovenian food, but here are a couple of my favorites that I usually visit when in Ljubljana:

Best falafel and Arabic food in Abi Falafel on Trubarjeva Street 40, best burek with yogurt in Burek Olimpija on Slovenska cesta 58, in Klobasarna on Ciril-Metodov trg 15 you have to stop for a traditional Slovenian sausage. For Mexican food I always visit Cantina Mexicana in Knafljev prehod 2, the food is good and the atmosphere as well, another Mexican close by is Joe Penas, also worth of visiting. For the best crepes stop in Cafe Romeo on Stari Trg 6, and great breakfast options in Le Petit Cafe on Trg francoske revolucije 4.

Ljubljana (and Slovenia in general) is an AMAZING place. I cannot recommend it enough. All I ask is – please don’t write public blogs and make vlogs about it. It is still sort of undiscovered except among Europeans and mostly Italians. Let’s try and keep it that way as long as possible.


It has a romantic feeling when you walk in the old center + it’s really cheap in comparaison with other eastern european cities! Fully recommend you see it if you have the chance to be around!


The people are fantastic. My wife and I visited a few years ago and were helped by many people as we wandered around. One day, when we decided to walk from Lake Bled to Vintgar Gorge (please don’t miss either location!) we got seriously lost twice and were helped by Slovenians walking down the road. This was very rural Slovenia (several miles outside a very small town), but both Slovenian women knew English fluently and pointed us in the right direction (and did not laugh at us for being naive American tourists – there were signs we just misread them).

So let’s address the English question. Most Slovenians speak English. I would say almost everybody. Having visited multiple Central and Eastern European cities (Sofia, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Budapest), we were expecting that we would “just get by” without learning the local language. I usually learn just enough (how much? one-two-three, bathroom please?) so we can function, but in Slovenian we never had a problem. I found out a fun fact why that is. Slovenia is a very small country – around two million citizens. Just a handful of movies are produced in the Slovenian language each year. So they need to watch movies from other countries – USA, Australia, England, etc. This means they are all watching movies where the characters are speaking in English and there are Slovenian subtitles (usually dubbing is not done). Everybody learns English very quickly.

For places/destinations, I would certainly suggest Ljubljana (the capital) and Lake Bled. Also, take a day trip from Ljubljana to visit Predjama Castle, Postojna Caves and Vintgar Gorge. The last two are natural wonders and the first is a castle that you have to see to believe. Lake Bled is probably worth a 1–2 day stay just by itself.


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Whether you’re searching for a studio apartment in the city center or rental property in the residential areas, has a residential or commercial property. Here are the leading ten functions of that make it the very best option for discovering real estate and offices in Ljublana, Slovenia:

1. Substantial choice of residential or commercial properties: With over 1,000 listings, uses a substantial choice of homes for lease or sale in Ljublana, Slovenia.

2. Precise and updated listings: All of the listings on are precise and updated, so you can be sure you see the most existing details about each home.

3. In-depth listing info: Each listing on consists of in-depth info about the home, such as images, descriptions, and contact details for the listing representative.

4. Easy to use search tools:’s search tools simplify discovering the ideal home for your requirements. You can browse by area, rate, residential or commercial property type, etc.

5. Map-based search:’s map-based search makes it simple to discover residential or commercial properties in particular areas. Just focus on the location you’re interested in and all of the listings because the location will appear.

6. Conserve your preferred listings: makes it simple to monitor your preferred listings by enabling you to conserve them to your account. You can likewise establish it notifies so you’ll be informed when brand-new listings that match your requirements are contributed to the website.

7. Contact listing representatives straight: With, you can contact noting representatives straight to ask about concerns or schedule watchings. Just click the “Contact Agent” button on any listing.

8. Check out representative evaluations: likewise enables you to check out evaluations of representatives, so you can be sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy expert.

9. Valuable short articles and resources: In addition to listings, likewise provides useful short articles and resources on leasing vs. purchasing, home management, and more.

10. Relied on by leading businesses: is the favored real estate and office market for leading businesses in Ljublana, Slovenia, such as expatriate firms, international corporations, and regional companies.

Whether you’re looking for a studio house or a vacation home, is the finest option for discovering real estate and work areas in Ljublana, Slovenia. With over 1,000 listings, precise and current details, comprehensive listing descriptions, easy-to-use search tools, and more, makes it simple to discover the best home for your requirements.

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