Do you think Buzzfeed Headlines are something you can’t refuse? You can’t resist clicking it! Want to learn tricks to amp your blog’s clickability quotient.

There are rationale that you can’t log in to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn without seeing your newsfeed luxuriant with links to something on Buzzfeed.

We all know everyone loves BuzzFeed because they make it so easy to click. Though others might have the impression that it is a linkbait but to someone who acknowledge the fine art of an alluring headline, we can definitely call it “effective”.



We all know Buzzfeed is a total pro at making people find humor in every aspect of their daily life. Since they are expert in making people laugh no matter what industry they are in line. And while it can be hard to tap into the funny side of things when someone told you that your business blog had to be 100 percent buttoned-up business, know this: It doesn’t.

How about relating to Pop Culture

Buzzfeed is also good on relating to Pop Culture by having a one quiz or another that will tell you who could you be in or who’s character on some fairtytales you are much related to. Like this one; what Disney ride you are, definitely this attracts people to click on your site because people love quizzes for there is an escape. It’s not just suggesting that when you make a quiz to help increase your blog visitors and readers but it will help you find people to pay more attention on pop culture.

Buzzfeed are well crafted in giving headlines relating to a current event to something from pop culture. Like a hot TV show, movie or political controversy—you can tap into a bit of the public’s built-in curiosity. And while we all hate to admit it, sometimes we click those pop culture links. How cool would it be if you gave your audience tangible takeaways and smart strategy on the other end of a snappy headlines.

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Invite the Audience to Learn

Encouraging someone to learn things in an entertaining way is a good aprroach. Buzzfeed knows how to make audience learn by taking a twisted approach to answering three common questions: who,what and why. This draw readers in with the assurance of delivering a bit of information they didn’t have in mind before they read the article itself.

How to do it: Make a list of the questions you’re asked most frequently by your customers, prospects and people who are interested in learning more about what you do. FAQs are a fantastic place to begin a list of who, what and why blog posts. Focus on a specific, niche topic, and offer your audience a list of the whos, whats and whys that will make something about their business better. Maybe it’s a list of the 10 youngest CEOs in your industry and a quote from each about why they love the business they’re in. It could be 23 little-known facts about an issue everyone in your industry deals with daily. People love lists (because they establish expectations), and they love feeling a bit smarter. You can help them with both.


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