How to be a Digital Nomad in Valencia, Spain

How to be a Digital Nomad in Valencia, Spain

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Valencia

With many such cities in the world, why would somebody pick Valencia as a digital nomad? As the 3rd biggest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia has much to provide its homeowners.

In 2020, 834,000 individuals called Valencia house, and it continues to grow at a constant rate year over year. This gorgeous city has the best mix of old and brand-new town halls boasting the Valencia Cathedral– from the 13th Century to Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias with futuristic architecture. The city takes pride in a town feel as you can bike all over with its lots of available bike lanes or its easy-to-use mass transit system.

Valencia is on the southeast coast of Spain, making it an excellent city for digital nomads that enjoy the beach and warm weather conditions. In the heat of the summer season, you will discover temperature levels around 30 degrees. The winter seasons are moderate and damp, the most reasonable temperature level having to do with 8 degrees; however, a quite consistent 14 degrees throughout the winter season.

Understood for its nightlife and Spanish culture, Valencia develops an environment like no other. You will fall under the rhythm of slow-paced early mornings, afternoon siestas, late-night tapas, and agua de Valencia. According to a study done by Internations, Valencia had the greatest score for ease of settling in and was ranked as the primary location for immigrants to move.

If you are searching for a warm location with culture, a neighborhood of other digital nomads, and a low cost of living, look no more than this guide to Valencia, Spain!

VALENCIA , SPAIN - DECEMBER 6, 2021: town hall of Valencia at night Spain

Valencia Visa

Such low-cost flight and train choices make for a simple repair. If you prepare to remain longer-term, Spain has numerous choices for working visas and long-lasting stays. View your various choices at spainvisa.EU

Spain has revealed they are dealing with a digital nomad visa due to COVID-19 and the surge of businesses that are now enabling their workers to work from another location. They think this visa will be readily available in 2022; nevertheless, the standards are not specific at this moment in time.

The weather condition

Valencia is a year-round location with warm summer seasons and moderate winter seasons. The city has 300 days of sunshine and unusual rains.

Many northeastern Europeans flock to Spain throughout the winter season to prevent the blistering cold of the north and then once again in the summertime to take pleasure in the Mediterranean, genuinely making Valencia a year-round location. There isn’t a bad time to go to Valencia; it simply depends on your choice. In March, the city is flourishing for Las Fallas.

As a digital nomad, the peak time is from April to May. Even though this is thought about shoulder season, you will still be able to satisfy many others living in Valencia, and there is still something going on every night of the week.

Weather condition is one of the highlights in Valencia, with a wonderfully warm environment year-round. These are perfect times to capture the sun without feeling like you’re about to get a heat stroke.

Expense of living

Valencia is exceptionally economical. Leasing a studio house in the most costly locations of the city will cost you around $615/month, while in a more budget-friendly location, it will balance about $500/month.

On average, living in Valencia is 40% lower than in other significant cities in Europe. So let’s break down how much you can anticipate investing in living in Valencia.

The typical living expense for a single individual in Valencia is 1,200 euros per month, consisting of the lease. Here are a couple of examples of typical costs in Valencia.

Energies: 100.00 EUR each month

Transport: 50.00 EUR each month

Workplace: 150 EUR each month

Coffee: 1.70 EUR

Beer: 2.50 EUR

Agua de Valencia for two individuals: 10 EUR

Tapas: 2.50 EUR

Paella: 8 EUR

Water bottle 1.5: 0.40 EUR

With cost-effective rates, limitless sunlight, and a cultural center, Valencia is genuinely an impressive location to establish a workplace for a bit. You will discover your cash going even more, and your joy levels increase. So make certain to head to this digital nomads’ paradise before it ends up being overpopulated.


VALENCIA , SPAIN - DECEMBER 8, 2021: traditional buildings of Port Saplaya the Little Venice near Valencia Spain

Valencia Transportation

Even as Spain’s 3rd biggest city, Valencia still feels rather little and has a fantastic public transport system. If you require to go a bit more or get someplace in very little time, no concerns because Valencia has whatever you require with their city, bus, and trip-sharing system.


Valencia’s city is an excellent, budget-plan-friendly choice. The carriages are air-conditioned, making this an excellent choice throughout the summertime months. Make sure to buy a rechargeable mobile card for optimum usage– each card costs 1 euro.


The Valencia Bus system can work if you are going longer ranges as every journey is 1.50 euros no matter how far you are traveling. However, I suggest understanding precisely what stop you are getting off at as there is no genuine alert system. The buses range from 4:000 to 22:30 every day, and a couple of night buses are functional from 22:30 pm to 2:00 on weekdays and 22:30 to 3:00 on weekends.

Cable car

The cable car system in Valencia can be really helpful as it is incorporated into the city and bus systems. It just has two lines with 54 stations making it simple for transfers. If buying one journey at a time, it costs 1.40 euros; however, the cable car has a package ticket of 10 journeys for 6.40 euros without transfers or ten journeys for 7.45 euros with transfers, making either of these the much better alternative.

Trip sharing

While numerous nations have adjusted to utilizing Uber, Spain utilizes Cabify. This trip-sharing app can be utilized practically anywhere in the city.

There are electric bikes and scooter leasings all over town. Leasing an e-scooter or an e-bike provides you with many rate choices depending on how long you require the leasing. For example, it is 9 euros for an hour, 15 euros for 2 hours, 20 euros for 3 hours, and 30 euros for the entire day.

Valencia is not doing have transport alternatives for where you are going.

Getting around Valencia is relatively simple. Around the city center, whatever will be within strolling range. Be sure to have money in little denominations with you, as accepting credit cards is still rather uncommon in Valencia.

Trustworthy Internet

Valencia is fantastic for its fairly affordable information strategies and the prevalent schedule of complimentary Wi-Fi in many facilities. For example, you can get strategies such as 7GB and 100 minutes with 4G speeds from Orange for just $25/month.

Where to operate in Valencia as a remote-based specialist?

Coworking areas

If you’re searching for a coworking area, then there are a couple of cluttered around Valencia. For day-to-day usage, you’re taking a look at costs of ~$ 20. Here are a few of our favorites:

Botani- situated in the town hall, preferred for freelancers and digital nomads. With a botanic balcony and numerous conference spaces, this one’s a fantastic area if you’d like to stay in the city.

Vortex- if you seem near the beach, then Vortex is the location to go. Little conference rooms and bigger workshop spaces are likewise readily available to book, and they host neighborhood occasions each Wednesday, so it’s a terrific method to satisfy other remote employees.

A2 Coworking- understood for promoting a more social scene, A2 is terrific to work out of if you’re near the L’Olivereta location. It’s near numerous dining establishments and a river if you ever require to escape for a fast mind-clearing walk.

Wayco- with two places in Ciutat and Russafa, is the most popular area for employees. It’s understood to be the most versatile regarding the office you can choose from and the strategies you can select. Likewise, they have a gorgeous outside balcony that functions as a fantastic method to make brand-new buddies over lunch break.

Coffee bar

Valencia, Spain - January 28, 2017: The inside of the Central Market of Valencia, also known as Mercat Central, or Mercado Central, in the city of Valencia in Spain.

If you choose to work from a cafe, there are plenty with strong Wi-Fi and available outlets in Valencia. Here are a few of our preferred guides providing some fantastic areas:

Work in Valencia

Valencia has ended up being a center for many business owners and digital nomads to live. Valencia has a range of choices depending on your budget plan and the quantity of time you prepare on costs in the “workplace.”

Finest Places to Work in Valencia

  • Garzon
  • Wayco
  • Botanico Coworking
  • Ubik
  • Bluebell
  • Federal
  • Artysana


Their premium desk subscription is 150 euros a month and consists of 24-hour gain access throughout the week. This was essential to me as some of the coworking areas are open from 7:00 -17:00, and some of my customers worked in various time zones and needed me to work outside of those hours.


Wayco has the most choices for rental costs and will assist you in getting precisely what you require with their every day, weekly, or regular monthly bundles. So whether you require 24-hour gain access or simply 10 hours a week, Wayco will have it.

Botanico Coworking

Found best next to Valencia’s botanical gardens, Botanico Coworking will offer you a fresh brand-new point of view on your work. They have developed an area to affect and promote performance and company within your work. If you simply require a couple of days a month in a workplace to get focused, then look no even more than Botanico.

If you choose to work in coffee shops and dining establishments, then do not fret! Valencia is understood for its coffee shop culture, making it extremely simple for digital nomads to settle in and discover complementary locations to work.

The majority of the internationals and freelancers work from these popular coffee shops and will make it simple for you to get work done while likewise engaging with like-minded individuals.


Ubik is, in fact, a bookshop with a coffeehouse; however, they have big tables and great Wi-Fi for you to establish your workplace for the day. Furthermore, they use whatever from breakfast to supper, making it extremely simple to invest the entire day here. Furthermore, this is among the few coffee shops that host occasions throughout the week, making it even much easier to fulfill others in the neighborhood.


If you require a more remote and quieter location to work, Bluebell is a terrific alternative. Found in the Ruzufa district, they provide dependable Wi-Fi connection and a big yard to operate in ought you desire some fresh air. If you find yourself required to deal with the weekends, ensure to bring your hotspot here as they do not provide free Wi-Fi.


They brew their coffee, and I would state it is one of the finest in Valencia. Admittedly, this coffee shop is louder and busier than others; however, I discovered it provides you with a real Valencia experience!


Any offered day, you will discover Artysana filled with freelancers working from their laptop computers and residents delighting in an abundant cup of coffee. They likewise provide language exchange classes and various occasions for expats to collect together and take pleasure in the nightlife in Valencia.

These are simply a couple of alternatives for you to work from another location in Valencia. This city has done a terrific task of accommodating the new work age and will grow more extensive from here! You must not have any issues discovering a great location to work for the day when you are tired of your flat.


Like all over Spain, food is a fundamental part of the culture. That’s why you will discover hundreds and numerous coffee shops and dining establishments all over town. But, unfortunately, it would most likely take you years to go and evaluate them all.

The popular Spanish meal Paella was born in Valencia and initially made with chicken or bunny (not as lots of presuming with seafood). You can get paella at every corner.

Another thing that you need to attempt when you exist is Agua de Valencia, a beverage made from orange juice, Cava, vodka, and gin, served in containers.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will most likely have a hard time in smaller-sized coffee shops and dining establishments, as Spanish love to put ham in about whatever. However, there is an excellent handful of extremely great vegan facilities in Valencia. Have a look at locations like Loving Hut, Jardin Urbano, or Aloha Delights.

Numerous dining establishments will use a “menu del dia” for a lunch break at a wonderful rate, generally around 10 EUR. This consists of a starter, a primary, and a dessert, and typically you get a couple of alternatives to pick from.

While many locations in Spain have offered up this custom of taking a nap from 14:00 -17:00, Valencia has remained strong. Whatever in Valencia runs a bit later on, and rest is essential. This makes it extremely appealing to have your afternoon siesta!

The most significant cultural occasion Valencia hosts is Las Fallas which takes location every year in March. You will discover everybody developing monoliths filled with old personal belongings that they will ultimately burn on the last day of Las Fallas. You will discover Valencia lit up with non-stop fireworks and individuals dancing in the street all hours of the night.

It is unusual for cities to do this and not lose their historical significance, making Valencia unique. While preserving its abundant Spanish culture, Valencia has likewise included some contemporary appeal making it a stunning mix of old and brand-new.


Discovering good web in Valencia is not an issue. Many coffeehouses use complimentary WIFI, and you will likewise discover complimentary hotspots in numerous public locations, for example, Mercado Colon, Turia park, or the Xativa train station.

You can purchase a regional SIM card to ensure you constantly have the web. Then, all you require is to go to a store, for instance, Vodafone or Orange, request a SIM card for tourists, choose your strategy and get your card.

Plans and rates are typically relatively comparable. For example, if you opt for Vodafone, you can get 2GB at a 4G+ speed and 50 minutes nationwide, and worldwide requires 15 EUR each month. On the other hand, if you purchase a SIM card at Lebara, you can get unrestricted nationwide calls and 10GB at a 3G speed for 20 EUR each month.

If you are just remaining short-term and wish to ensure that you constantly have web without getting a regional SIM card, get an international hotspot, e.g., Skyroam.

VALENCIA , SPAIN - DECEMBER 6, 2021: aerial cityscape view from Serranos towers on the old town of Valencia city in Spain

Physical fitness and Health

Valencia is an extremely pedestrian-friendly city, and with more and more bike lanes popping up every day, it is simple to stay active living here. In addition, Valencia has over 15 reliable health clubs for you to keep up with your Health and everyday workout.

Furthermore, a great deal of Spanish culture is surrounded by consuming and drinking. This can make it tough to remain on track with the late-night suppers and pitchers of sangria. However, as the 3rd biggest port in Spain, Valencia has an abundance of fruit and fresh fish, making it simple to have a healthy diet plan and providing you more alternatives when it concerns eating in restaurants.

Over the past couple of years, Valencia has truly broadened its choices for healthy consumption with a couple of locations devoted to the vegetarian and vegan way of life. Valencians enjoy putting ham in everything, which is utilized to make it a little more difficult to discover dining establishments if vegan or vegetarian; however, it is beginning to become a growing number popular in the city. If you stick to this way of life, I advise heading to the marketplace for in-season fruit and having a look at these vegan-friendly dining establishments.

  • Aloha Vegan Delights
  • Coffee shop Madrigal
  • The Began

Valencia Insurance and Medical Care

When relocating to a brand-new nation, the essential things to think about are access to insurance coverage and healthcare. Luckily, Valencia has a couple of alternatives for you amongst the general public and economic sectors.

The most popular choice for expats transferring to Valencia long-term is to acquire health care insurance coverage from a regional Spanish supplier. They have various policies amongst various service providers to personalize the protection you require. With this choice, you have more access to medical professionals who speak your native tongue and access you on a short-term notification.

Another choice is to acquire a global insurance coverage strategy within your house nation. These are going to be more pricey however provide you with more protection. This alternative will likewise offer you the security of understanding you are covered in any place worldwide you lie.

This is an alternative worth using. Another high possibility of being authorized is working for a Spanish-owned business.

  • If you pick to stay uninsured, do know that it will be tough to discover help and be pricey.

Valencia Nightlife

Valencia, Spain - 4 September 2021: Large paper mache sculpture of circus director between traditional old town houses for the national festival Fallas

Whether you take pleasure in a peaceful night on a balcony or in a DJ-filled location, Valencia has something for you. You will discover dining establishments loaded with individuals of all ages taking pleasure in the outside balconies running 80% of the year since the warm Valencia weather condition.

If you are searching for a chill night with buddies, there are numerous cool bars in El Carmen– listen to some live music, grab a chair at the bar, and delight in some table talk. Speed yourself for a long night as this is the best area to bar hop in. Follow the crowd and dive from one area to the next delighting in the pressure of the late night.

Here are some bars you are ensured to have an enjoyable night at:

El Laboratorio

This bar is a terrific location to head to if you are on your own for the night as lots of internationals end up here with its inviting and inclusive environment. So stop by for a couple of beers and sign up with a group for bar hopping into the night.

Coffee shop Negrito

In the center of El Carmen, Cafe Negrito is inviting you with its substantial outside balcony and tasty mixed drinks. This is the best bar to begin your night out. You can get a mixed drink, coffee, and even delight in some tapas, all while being amongst the archaeological sites.

Radio City

Suppose you are looking for a live music appearance no even more than Radio City! Then, every night of the week, you will discover something occurring at Radio City.

Before Ibiza, Valencia was the most popular nightlife in Spain and still ranks quite close to the Island celebrations. The clubs are constantly complete in Valencia, and the celebration goes on till the early morning.

Participate in some electrifying music at these leading clubs in Valencia.

La3 Club

This club has three floorings, and each one has a various ambiance, ensuring you will discover something to your taste. I advise purchasing your ticket in advance to see a particular DJ or entertainer.

Terraza L’Umbracle

A crowd preferred to take pleasure in a summertime night. Terraza L’umbracle is best outside of the City of Arts and Science. At night it turns into an electric dance club with insane views.

Akuarela Beach Club

This beach club is Valencia’s finest when it comes to themed celebrations. Simply 300 meters from the beach, this makes it a simple shift from day to tonight.

Things to do in Valencia

PENISCOLA, SPAIN - AUGUST 2, 2021: People enjoying on the beach in Peniscola, in Valencia, highlighting its fortified walls on the background. It is an important summer tourist destination in Spain

One of my preferred things about Valencia is the mix of old and brand-new. Valencia is a city that constantly has something going on. Anything you might desire, Valencia will have.

Barrio Del Carmen

Barrio Del Carmen boasts among the biggest middle ages quarters in Europe. All over you, a turn is a historic structure to check out or a coffee shop to get an espresso, and individuals looking for a bit. It is extremely simple to invest an entire day checking out the narrow roadways and Spanish architecture in the heart of the old town of Valencia.

Plaza De La Virgen

There is no better place to divide a pitcher of sangria with pals. Plaza De La Virgen is filled with historic sculptures surrounded by water fountains and many little areas to delight in a book or get some work done.

Valencia Cathedral

In Plaza De La Virgen sits this gorgeous gothic cathedral from the 13th Century filled with amazing historic paintings and architecture. The cathedral costs 7 euros to go into an audio guide.

Casco Histórico

For a day of checking out Valencia’s Spanish roots and middle ages architecture, head to Casco Historico. In the heart of the city, you will discover coffee shops, stores, and many locations to check out on foot. In addition, this location is within minutes of archaeological sites and museums.

El Miguelete

For the very best website in the entire city, climb Valencia’s gorgeous gothic belfry of the cathedral. You will have the ability to see all of the old town and beyond. This is the ideal early-morning activity actually to begin your day!

Jardin Del Turia

Jardin Del Turia utilized to be a river that ravaged the city in 1957 with a flood. After the water wreckage, the city came together and turned this river into 9 kilometers of wide-open green area and park.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

This futuristic city was constructed in Valencia in the ’90s. The city has a fish tank, IMAX theatre, L’umbracle club/botanical garden, and a planetarium making it a discovering experience and a visual charm.


See L’Oceanografic to see 45,000 specific sea animals of 500 various types. In addition, the structure has been constructed to offer many swimming areas and a friendly environment.

Las Arenas Beach

The most popular beach in Valencia, on a warm summertime day, you will discover this beach loaded with residents and travelers. Take a look at a few street artists or get on the volleyball courts for a fast video game. It is really simple to invest the entire day here as there are many dining establishments to eat at and public toilets.

El Saler Beach

El Saler has to do with 25 minutes beyond town and is quickly available by bus. You will discover high dunes and white waves to go browsing on for the day. The beach is less popular because of the range to Valencia center, however much cleaner than Las Arenas.

You will have plenty of chances to check out any of these websites and even discover some concealed gems while you check out the city. This is the best city for you if you enjoy the outdoors, coffee shop culture, and art history.

Work Online & Socialize

As in every city, Valencia has several choices for digital nomads and remote specialists to get their work done.

Coworking Spaces

Regardless of Valencia being relatively little, it still has a couple of great coworking areas to provide.

One of the most popular coworking areas in Valencia is Wayco. The shared working area has two areas, one in Ciutat Vella and one in Ruzafa.

Wayco uses free test days. After that, you pay 15 EU for day-to-day usage, 75 EUR monthly for 10 hours a week, or 175 EUR each month for endless gain access.

Another alternative would be Botani, which is situated right next to the botanical garden in the city. This bike-friendly location invites all freelancers and independent experts to work surrounded by green plants and with great deals of natural light.

Rates are 15 EUR each day or 170 EUR monthly for limitless access 24/7.

Working from Cafès

If you choose to work from cafès, you will like Valencia. There is an outright abundance of beautiful dining establishments, bars, and cafès, and almost all have exceptional WIFI connections. There are merely a lot to note here; however, a few of my favorites are:

  • Ubik Café in Ruzafa (a café/ book shop mix).
  • Café ArtySana in Ruzafa (the coworking Facebook group fulfills there every once).
  • Bluebell Coffee in Ruzafa (beautiful outdoor balcony and beautiful design).
  • Federal Valencia in Ciutat Vella (fantastic breakfast and breakfast alternatives).

Coworking Group.

VALENCIA, SPAIN - MAY 18, 2017: These are the facades of the majestic buildings of the first half of the 20th century on the City Hall Square.

I have discovered incredibly lovely in Valencia is the Facebook Group Valencia Coffees & Co-Working.

How does it work?

Anticipate satisfying around 15 individuals who come together to co-work and link. Later, the group typically goes out for beverages.

A fantastic method to fulfill brand-new individuals, get work done and take a look at brand-new cafés every week.

Meet New People in Valencia.

As simply discussed, the coworking group is a wonderful method to fulfill other digital nomads and ex-pats in Valencia. Apart from that, there are many other methods to get in touch with similar individuals.

You need to look at two other active Facebook groups Expats en Valencia, España, and Expats in Valencia. These groups are not just excellent to fulfill brand-new individuals in the area; however, they likewise have a lot of details about the city. In addition, members are valuable and delighted to address concerns.

Like many cities, you will likewise discover a range of Meetup groups in Valencia. You can either choose basic ones, like Expats in Valencia/ Hi-VLC or Things to do in Valencia, or choose any particular subject that you are interested in, for instance, Outdoors Workouts Valencia or anything like that.

In general, the regional mindset in Valencia is inviting, unbiased and friendly. If you do not speak Spanish and choose to meet internationals initially, you should not have any trouble. There are lots of them around.





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