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The Fearless social podcast is proudly sponsored by script all com want the right professional sales to copy email campaigns in video sales letters for your products or business script all make it as easy as answering a few questions to try script all for just a dollar visit enter promo code podcast and now this week’s episode Physical Products.

What’s going on bananas here with you and welcome with you at this edition of The Fearless social podcast on this show we’re gonna talk about how to get into selling physical products online for less than a hundred bucks, so a lot of folks out there are buzzing about physical products. Still, there’s a huge, huge misconception that’s you know.

I gotta like get in, and I gotta like my inventory, and then I got a ship it out from my house. Man, that seems like a pain in the butt to get started when I really don’t even know if I’m gonna be successful with this and I think that’s something a lot of people go through is you know they want to get into this stuff, but they’re like you know.

It’s a lot of risks its buying inventory. Where do I buy inventory in the first place? You know how do I get going with this, so on this particular show, we’re going to talk about how to get started for less than a hundred bucks and then what to do once you find a winner something that’s selling well and you want to start scaling it up.

So let’s dive in. Let’s get started because I like to keep these quick, and I like to you know to get you a ton of value, so I wrote a book about this with this particular setup. It was a short book called econ finite, and if you were interested in that, you could find it at fearless social calm in the products tab, but I really loved this method.

I’m just going to give you sort of a glancing overview is you can get into selling really cool stuff online physical products for less than 100 bucks, and you can do it by being a little bit clever, So I want to give you a couple of tools that we’re going to use.

To do this, the first is something called Shopify. If you don’t know what Shopify is, you can go to Shopify calm, and if you go to fearless social calm. You see our show notes, and we’ll have a link that you could go through in a discount code so that you can get in for a little cheaper than everybody else out there, but go ahead and check it out Shopify if you don’t want to go through our link Shopify calm.

This is a place where you can dive in and get started now. The cool thing about Shopify is it’s pretty easy to go in and actually set your store up. As I said, if you need extra help, we have a guide collie come finiti that can walk you through that, but with Shopify, it’s pretty easy to get set up.

It’s pretty easy to get started to set up a store where you can take credit cards and sell something. The unique thing about Shopify is it’s actually set up to take addresses and to do the shipping, and it’s for physical products, really now you can sell digital things on there.

Physical products are really where Shopify shines because it manages all these things that you need to have a physical product business. The hard part for most people is this those people don’t want to get into this because they think I’m gonna have to find something I want to sell and have to order inventory.

Let me suggest that when you do that you use a couple of companies that will suggest here at the end, but when they the first start, they’re like man, that’s going to be really crappy, so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna give you a technique that hopefully will help you this is something that you know, my friends and I have been talking about for a while, but maybe you haven’t heard us talking about it, maybe you have just now found us.


Physical products are really where Shopify shines

Benefits of Selling Products Where Your Customers Are

Selling products online means a chance to expand your network. It’s an opening to share your small business’s message and the quality of what you have to offer. Selling online is also an opportunity to test new products and communication with speed and precision.

Whether you’re starting small or reaching for the stars, selling physical products online is a great move for any small or microbusiness looking to grow. Harnessing the internet’s power to increase your profits is the simplest and most effective way to grow your business.

It gives you the potential to reach millions with your brand and expertise. Selling products online can help you deepen your relationship with your current customers while opening the door to thousands of new buyers.

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Selling products online means a chance to expand your networkstarted to set up a store

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