The Fastest Way to Build a 6-Figure Shopify Store

The Fastest Way to Build a 6-Figure Shopify Store

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Easiest Way 6-Figure Shopify Store

In this video, we’re going to do something that nobody’s ever done on YouTube, and I’m going to give you advice.

On dropshipping what’s going on, everyone hated me to come back at you with a brand new video and this one we’re going to be talking about what’s the fastest way to scale an eCommerce store with a shop five to six figures, so I haven’t been getting this specific question They’ll be a little bit weird.

This is very hyper-targeted, but I’m getting a lot of people saying, hey, what’s the fastest way in your opinion to scale an e-commerce business or how to do you recommend I get started doing that because I want to fast track your success, so I’m going to be breaking down a couple of things that I do with every single store this is congruent with everything, I do just because it works okay and know going in exactly what works for me, right?


I’m not getting super-specific on every single .the point this would be a forty hour-long video if that were the case, but I’m going to talk about how I’m structuring it, but what platforms I’m doing, how I’m doing it on those platforms, the types of offers how I’m scaling on the back and everything on that end of things, so with that remaining said, you guys before jump inside of my computer if you get any value from the video at all, I’m going to ask you one favour hit that nice thing and subscribe button down below and join the family we’re blowing up well past thirty thousand subs I appreciate all the love and support on every video, so let’s jump inside of my computer and start going through this.

okay, you guys first thing I want to outline inside here is a six-figure store it’s a hundred thousand dollars if you break that down, you know it might sound like a lot of money but that’s like roughly Inc;

it’s not exact but eight thousand a month, let’s just call it that that’s the very achievable break that down even further, that’s less than three hundred dollars a day, let’s just call it two hundred seventy-five bucks a day okay, that’s not that much.

Let’s say an average order value is twenty bucks ten bucks 30 bucks depending on what you’re doing somewhere in that the range is very realistic that’s like ten orders a day, so it’s not that difficult to get to that point, and the thing is once you get to that point that’s usually not your cap, so obviously different Nisha’s different products have a limit you can’t you know one might be kind of capped at roughly 20,000 is never an exact amount, but if you figure out how to do 275 bucks a day I can pretty much guarantee there’s no difference between 275 and 375, so just got to be able to scale on that end of things, but how to do you do this okay when I’m launching the new store wants to have everything set upon the setting on my domain in place all the apps all the products are Listed in two descriptions, and everything is good to go the site is Done;

the store is life it’s ready to market this is how I’m starting okay if you guys watch the channel you know, but this is wet, does way more to it than just that Instagram influencers are the fastest way to fast-track your eCommerce store and The reason for this is straightforward Instagram simple to hit something that works if you know what you’re looking for that’s the thing let me explain my process behind Instagram because I’m not just.

I am saying who an Instagram influencer in the dog niche and having a dog product can promote it.

No, there’s a strategy for what I’m initially scaling, at least to what I follow, I’m not particularly eager to start with larger pages, so this is the funnel step for that let’s go with about I’m looking for a page between 100, yeah let’s go 300k roughly in that range again there’s not an exact amount.

Still, I’m going from that, and I’m not going to the sale until it’s working. Still, once I do scale okay and scale, I mean spending more money for a more extensive page to get more traffic in more sales. Still, with this, I’m not doing that scale until these are working, and once that’s working, I’m going up to the next notch, which is half a million to I don’t want to say quite a million, but like 750 K that’s the range I’m following, so I view it as increments going up and up, and I’ve done pages.

the fastest way to scale an eCommerce store

I mean, yesterday on Sunday, we did one. that was 13 million followers so that’s way out of this range, but I tell you why I did that. Smaller pages in that niche had worked okay, is the very similar content very similar pages, and they had worked for that product, so I’m building up to it, and the reason I do that sure I might have the money to budget or whatever I start small, and I scale up to what works because you don’t want to, you know maybe you’re weird, and you want to, but I don’t want to piss away money.

I don’t need to because of the way I do it, I’m starting small, but so right away I’m starting with Instagram, I’m looking for influencers before I even build the store so that I know they’re there, then I can immediately run shoutouts in this range, okay, and from there, you can level up to this and then go past a million

okay, and then way beyond that, obviously some niches might have a cap some just don’t have influencers in that are a million followers 10 million followers that’s okay you can start to do other things you know I might be able to talk a few meme pages and how you can structure that because those are the ones that can get big.

I mean what there are those funny viral video cap pages whatever are not Kappapages but funny viral videos of all this stuff and it’s like 10 15 20 million followers so massive audience reach a lot of retention a lot of just engagement on those pages, and they can be effective;

They’re also expensive but they can be effective if you know how to Leverage them the right way.

Now let me say that even though I’m using Instagram to make money, it’s one of the fastest ways, in my opinion, to get to that couple hundred dollars a day point if you run like one influencer a day that’s kind of in one of these ranges or above five hundred thousand to a few million odds are you can pull about two to five hundred bucks, maybe a little bit more you know depending on the niche it might be less depends on the price of the shoutout and how quality the pages if you’re doing one of those a day, it is very very realistic to hit this number right here of two hundred seventy-five.

Bucks, now let me say that just because I’m doing Instagram right off the bat does not mean that’s what I’m going to be still doing it because I don’t want to build any business, for that matter where I have to put in a lot of time a lot of work, a lot of energy, a lot of resources. I’m making money, and then I have to keep doing that.

I don’t want to do that, and you don’t need to do it if you structure it the right way. I want to be able to take a step back and not only maintain this number or something similar to that, but I should be able to continue to grow it. The way that we’re doing that, we’re transitioning on the back end into Facebook ads, and there’s a method to the madness you guys, Kay, there’s a reason I’m using Instagram.

First, it’s not just. To make money, honestly, I don’t give about the money right away because if you do it the right way, it’s on the back end, so with Instagram, there are the primary two things I’m using for ready using IG for testing and data and what I mean by this I’m trying products so I see what products work if a product,

if I can’t get it to work you know, tested multiple variants of the picture and the ad copy on multiple pages and it doesn’t work that’s it it’s done I’m not going to be doing that on Facebook because I know it doesn’t work so if it’s working on Instagram, I know it’ll work on Facebook, and it’s not just going to work on Facebook;

I have to make it work, but if it works on Instagram because I made it work on the right page then I know I can make it work on Facebook with enough tests aside from just that, this is what makes it a lot easier with doing Instagramfirst, I get data, so I have my Facebook pixel on my Shopify store while I’m doing all this on Instagram making money getting sales a lot of ads the cards a lot of pixel Flyers which you guys understand Facebook that’s important you’re getting all this data on the pixel and then once you call, let’s just say 100 200 500 sales and a lot of data you can start running look-alike audiences for the products that worked on Instagram,

and it’s going to make its way easier to find that desired audience over on Facebook, so that’s the fastest way, in my opinion, to kind of combine these two platforms other people use stuff like Pinterest Twitter I know some people get into YouTube influence or ad school; I don’t.

I think this is like the most accessible formula for a beginner who doesn’t know all that much if you can break this down and understand how it works and start testing the different variables, this is going to be a rinse and repeat the formula for not only ever store but every single product on every store you want to launch a new product great follow this funnel process that pretty much what it is.

It’s a bit funnel you bring your products through every single stage, and not all products are going to complete that because right here, some might not work on these pages, or one might not even work on Instagram at all, so guess what it’s not going to go to Facebook. You’re not going to bring it.

To Facebook, if it’s not working, so you cut it off, but products that do make it through the entire process, those are the homerun winners or at least ones that hit well, that is going to make you money.

That’s the cash cow for your business, okay, so just by using this little strategy, I would recommend starting small with Instagram, keep it as simple as you can I’ll make more videos talking about that I know we already have a ton on the channel you guys can go back but hit These numbers might sound crazy.

Oh, 6 figures it’s a significant figure that’s like double what the average American makes a year and so. Still, if you break that down8,000 a month, okay, it’s a little more manageable 275 a day okay now we’re talking, you know, becomes a little more realistic you can break it down in your head you want to break this down further how much is that an hour that’s like maybe twelve dollars an hour, 24 hours a day twelve dollars an hour are you kidding me, twelve dollars an hour, let’s say your average car value is like ten to 15 bucks you’re just going to need 24orders every single day that’s it.

Hence, it’s effortless like you guys can Gillis. It’s not that intimidating that scary if you break it down, you know you’re talking about making a million dollars that’s like three thousand a day okay so that you can break it down and it makes a lot more sense in your head.

You can grasp that and it’s more attainable, so I want you guys to understand that these are not numbers that are out of reach at all for a beginner, you should be able to start hitting this stuff if you do it the right way learn from the right places and whatnot and execute I’m significant on taking massive action, you should be able to hit these numbers within a few months, in reality, you know you’re going to have to maybe switch niches which a lot of products make new stores and whatnot but if you’re putting in the work you can fast track your way to this number and way beyond that, that’s not a lot at all are using this blueprint,

okay, so I hope that helps. I hope it makes sense using. Instagram to leverage Facebook on these back end has so much value. Potential, and I honestly don’t see a lot of people doing it the right way. People are doing it. I see a few.

easier to find that desired audience over on Facebook

People talking about it nobody does it, okay it’s weird that’s like my little sauce, my formula whatever you want to call it that’s the process I’m taking all the products on all of my stores through daily, so with that Being said, you guys, I hope that helped if it did if you got any value at all be sure to drop like down below and of course,

if you haven’t already be sure to join the family behind that friendly link and subscribe button and let me know if you guys want me to break it down or build off one specific point of this I know we’ve made a ton of videos on both Instagram and Facebook if you want me to talk more about kind of the process and different angles along with the nutlet I know what you want to see in the comments down below, and with that.

I post every day; let me see you guys tomorrow the subsequent peace.


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