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People of today have been struggling to be prosperous in their chosen businesses. But we cannot deny that as our world is evolving, so is our economy and means of business. So here is an article that I would like to share to each and everyone of you. I hope you will value this.

With technology growing at rocket’s speed, there is no denying that the perspective of businesses is also changing. What once was merely a development technique has become a frontline business model driver. Yes the fact that API or Application Programming Interfaces have become an important topic for every boardroom consideration is no more hidden.

With APIs in mind, businesses are planning several long-term strategic goals that can help them grow majorly. With APIs, the core assets of an organization can be shared, reused and monetized as these APIs can easily extend the reach of the business’s existing services and thus provide an additional primary stream of revenue. Applications with their fundamental and core data have been established as the cornerstones for several businesses.

Unlike earlier days, there are no physical or logical boundaries for sharing information in business scenarios today. APIs have accelerated the so-called sophisticated business ecosystem to make the complex interactions simple. The applications with API as core are agile, flexible, scalable, shareable and open. They are becomes mandates for several businesses as they have the potential to offer assured long-term returns.

Now the major question that might cross your mind is how API based applications benefit businesses in long-run? The answer to this pretty tricky but obvious question is: API acts as a stream of added revenue: This is true. It can be proven with a simple example. For instance a small restaurant releases its daily reservation availability and meal menu with the help of API. A third party such as TheFork or Yelp wants access to the data. Now the restaurant can serve it for free for purposes of branding or charge the third party each time they retrieve data or simply finalize a monthly charge that would be applicable for pulling data. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1953293&ca=Business

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