Digital Nomad 7 Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Digital Nomad 7 Challenges And How To Overcome Them

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Digital Nomad 7 Challenges And How To Overcome Them

  1. Working From the Wrong Country
  2. Keeping Your Gear Safe
  3. You Might Feel Lonely or Need Emotional Support
  4. It Might Be Hard to Keep Up Your Routine
  5. Balancing a Job and Vacation Time Can Be a Real Struggle
  6. Keeping Your Finances in Order

Digital Nomad 7 Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Emotional Challenges of Digital Nomad Life & Practical Solutions

Whether you found yourself a remote job, built an online store, or obtained the ideal freelance gig, your revenue does not rely on your physical area any longer; you are location independent and can begin nomad life!

The globe is your oyster. You can take place a permanent getaway and live anywhere you want! Right?

The area’s independent lifestyle is coming to be significantly prominent. And also, many individuals that have pursued this dream began a life of irreversible travel. They became an electronic wanderer, chasing after the 4 hr job week dream, dealing with a coastline in Bali, linked via their reliable laptop computer.

Digital Nomad 7 Challenges

  • Growing Apart From Friends

One of the most severe facets of changing to the electronic nomad lifestyle is finding out that people who were part of your circle of close friends before end up not being good friends.

You realize rapidly that many of them are simply individuals you invested a lot of time with as a result of comfort. They may have been associates; service gets in touch with “good friends” who lived comfortably close.

You start to acknowledge that when it takes effort to fulfill you, these “comfort pals” fall short of taking the initiative to meet up or at least remain in touch. That does not mean they misbehave people, simply that your presumption that you had 10-15 “buddies” was wrong.

Naturally, you can still talk with family and friends with video chat, yet it is a lousy replacement for actually socializing. Often just being around the people you respect and sharing experiences are more rewarding than talking.

This is particularly tough for men since they are not necessarily all that talkative, and also, video clip conversation feels compelled.

You could rapidly find out that you have two or so “actual buddies.” As well as, it takes the job to preserve those relationships.

  • Feeling Alone in a Crowd of Cool People

Digital Nomad 7 Challenges

Living this electronic wanderer way of life, you will satisfy all kinds of fascinating people. Fellow travelers like you also seem to be living “the desire” and who “obtain” you.

As terrific as they are, the issue is that with everyone moving constantly, it is relatively challenging to find somebody you are familiar with well enough to have a purposeful connection with.

When driving, conversations with travel companions frequently decline into boasting competitions concerning where you have been, what you have seen, and where you are going next.

  • Work-Life Balance

It is usually said that a business owner agrees to work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40 hour weeks for someone else.

If you have that all-consuming project, as a digital wanderer, it can be extremely tough to separate work from life.

Since there commonly isn’t enough of a regular and no physical separation between your area and your workplace. You can function practically anywhere, anytime.

Include in that the truth that electronic wanderers usually find themselves in different time zones from their clients, and any routine work timetable is gone.

If you have been an electronic nomad for some time, you probably know this feeling: you are in a fantastic location, but you can’t enjoy it since you are continuously thinking of work.

  • Infrastructure

Difficulties working as a digital nomad - coworking space

An additional challenge of the area’s independent lifestyle is not having a manual labor setting.

It appears incredible to take your laptop computer to a coffee bar to get some work done, as well as you could enjoy it a great deal.

However, if, like me, you have seen the inside of dozens of coffee shops around the globe, you have probably likewise got to the stage where you will undoubtedly have to confess isn’t always the most effective means to obtain your job done.

It can be tough to concentrate when the coffee shop gets crowded, and the web can instantly quit working, the coffee shop may shut while your job is finally moving … As well as do not get me started on poor chairs and backaches!

Having a physical office where you take a seat to function is an essential subconscious trigger to obtain your mind to concentrate.

Dynamic atmospheres such as hostels, coffee bars, and beach bars are distracting and make it challenging to get into the proper frame of mind to get stuff done.


1. Working From the Wrong Country

Yes, remaining in the wrong country can affect your job. As well as, this does not mean that there is something incorrect with the nation itself, yet some nations may be much less fit for digital wanderers.

A poor weblink can be an issue in much less industrialized nations. Often a net link is not that simple to locate. This, obviously, can be terrible for someone who relies upon the internet to generate income.

One more issue can be that you might go several days without power, which won’t be fantastic if you are functioning from a computer, or need to send an important e-mail with your dead phone.

The best method to avoid this is to do your research before making your journey. Make confident the area you are remaining in has power and net. Learn more about the places you intend to go to and plan for the moment that you will run outreach. In this way, you understand when that will undoubtedly be, what you can do before going offline, and what you can do afterward. Knowing from the beginning that it is most likely to occur makes all the distinctions. The awful point is when it takes you by surprise.

2. Keeping Your Gear Safe

Life as an electronic nomad is excellent because you can function from anywhere as long as you have a web link and your laptop or any gear you require for work.

You depend on this equipment to be able to work. So you have to ensure that it is constantly secure, which leads us to our next problem.

Maintaining your gear safe may appear very easy; however, when taking a trip a lot– taking buses, staying in hostels, and being in public locations– your valuable points can obtain shed or taken faster than you assume.

Also, when relocating your equipment around, often from placing it in the backpack, taking it out again, relocate around … it is most likely to fall short and break. So it is always crucial to take as much care of your gear as possible.

That is why always having a look at your possessions is essential. When in a hostel, make sure to have a lock so you can lock your valuables. While taking a trip, shut your bags and do not simply fall asleep without making sure your things are safe.

Get correct cases and bags for your gear to protect them from harsh movements, water, or falls. See to it you and your personal belongings travel safely.

3. You Might Feel Lonely or Need Emotional Support

digital nomad challenges

Life as a digital nomad is fantastic since you can move as often as you desire, travel to as many countries as you want, and satisfy many individuals in the process.

Yet the constant moving likewise has its downsides. Relationships do not last for too long, and also, you may reach a point where you can start to feel lonesome. You might be missing out on actual friends and your household.

It is nice to reside in a world where modern technology makes it easy to interact; however, it is not the same as just getting a beer with your buddy.

We are fortunate in that facet since taking a trip as a pair; you are at least constantly with your friend. The friendships you build could be brief, but you have one constant: your partner.

But if you are determined to go on your own, much longer stays in one location could be an excellent option to construct longer connections. Look for nomad neighborhoods and also most likely to digital nomad meetups. You will indeed find people that are like you, as well as possibly you can also make good friends that you can fulfill in other places.

Considering that you can move as long as you desire, you can always return home when feeling homesick. You can have your online and travel for amount of times from there. Being an electronic nomad does not suggest taking a trip 365 days a year; you can likewise return residence!

What are the digital nomad challenges and how to overcome them

The life of an electronic nomad seems like heaven. Working at exotic beaches and checking out brand-new areas while earning money to do what you enjoy– or a minimum of this is what social media sites have shown us.

Ask any electronic wanderers as well, as they will likely claim, “that’s just 10% of our life.” Well, what concerning the rest of 90%? What is the behind curtain of an electronic nomad?

If you’re considering being an electronic nomad and unsure what to anticipate, or if you’ve been a digital nomad for some time and also looking for tips and techniques to navigate the worldwide waters, you’ve come to the ideal area.

Managing Taxes

Electronic nomads are not needed to pay tax obligations for many parts of the globe, except for the US. It is the only nation, in addition to Eritrea, that tax citizens and permit owners no matter how much time they live outside of the government and regardless of the country they live in.

There is, nevertheless, one exclusion that American digital wanderers can benefit from the Foreign Earned Income Exemption (FEIE). If your yearly gained revenue is less than $105,900 (for 2019), your earned revenue could be tax exempted if you’re qualified.

Keeping Finances In Check

Plane tickets, area services, co-working area services, food expenses, and sightseeing and tour can build up into many costs before you recognize it.

Before getting on the aircraft, you may want to check the expense of living in hundreds of cities utilizing services like Wanderer List, Expatistan, or The Planet Awaits. In this manner, you can decide how much you require for living expenses and cost savings.

Although electronic nomads gain while traveling, many would undoubtedly search for methods to appreciate the country at lower price factors. Attempt to seek less expensive alternatives when it pertains to lodging, taking in the sights, and food. But never compromise on your work environment, which brings us to the next factor.



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