Digital Nomad Payment Tools

Digital Nomad Payment Tools

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Digital Nomad Payment Tools

 Essential Remote Work Apps & Services

As a digital nomad, you know that you require great devices and systems to be effective, productive, and successful. If you’re like me, after that, productivity devices, as well as apps to help run my company better, are an obsession. As a result, I invest a lot (way too much) of time contemplating the most recent applications, devices, and productivity tools.

When a brand-new application or service comes out, I try it. Assessing software programs that could aid me to function smarter is an excellent method to lose time. Still, it’s likewise fun, as well as it commonly causes explorations of new devices for electronic wanderers that I present to you in this listing.

Am I seeking referrals for electronic nomad tools to assist you to function a lot more successfully? Check out this listing of advised sources and management tools I use when performing remotely.

Wise – Nomad Payments

What it does: gives you bank accounts all over the world.

One of the essential services for place independent entrepreneurs and freelancers is the payment and payment platform. If you can’t access your funds, you can’t take a trip. Indeed, banks use their bank card, and also Paypal gives a means of getting repayments nearly anywhere. Then what about ATM cards as well as exchanging foreign currencies?

Do you understand just how bank fees for global transfers are shocking? Well, you do not need to tolerate these charges. Bypass the bank and use, my best cash transfer solution. But that’s not all, and Wise likewise provides a superb multi-currency account. A money app that will reinvent digital wanderer invoicing and payments.

With no arrangement or regular monthly charge, this checking account lets you receive funds in a regional bank account (AUD, USD, EUR, GBP) and spend solutions in local money. Moreover, you can do all of it in the phone application.

N26 – Digital Nomad Bank

An outstanding, robust, and security-focused mobile bank based in Germany. N26 provides subaccounts so you can take care of monetary goals as well as track expenditures. There is some overlap between N26 and Wise, but N26 provides even more financial services.

Sign up to get a free financial card and avail of complimentary withdrawals (this features some caveats, so check the fine print). You can also obtain clinical insurance coverage on a few paid plans (starting at around $10 per month).

I suggest making use of N26 for banking as well as Wise for multi-currency administration, currency exchange, and also money transfer. N26 is a beautiful alternative for digital wanderers who need a financial institution that understands remote work, the nomadic way of living, and business individuals that circumnavigate the world.

You can move money with N26, and the currency exchange charges are outstanding. You do this directly in the N26 banking app utilizing Wise. They work well with each other—register fr N26 in Europe, the U.S.A., and Brazil below. Unfortunately for U.K. clients, N26 is no more available (thanks to Brexit).

App In The Air – Planning & Organization

What it does: Organizes your paper trail of flight details

It can be challenging to track days, trip numbers, and scheduling codes when you travel a lot. In addition, flight and hotel verifications from different airline companies, scheduling websites, and hotel websites can fill out your inbox. App Airborne lets you place all your trip information together right into one app, so you do not require to go through private emails.

App Airborne is an excellent shortcut and an easy-to-manage library of your trip strategies.

Calendly – Scheduling Software

One of the most significant difficulties dealing with area independent entrepreneurs and remote employees that service clients are scheduling meetings and calls. Time zone differences can make scheduling appointments, regular conferences, customer onboarding Skype chats, and sales call difficult.

Yet assistance is at hand. Calendly takes the discomfort out of schedule. Add your plan to the program, shut out time, and set your conference specifications. Your contacts can, after that, use your shared telephone call organizing web link (or embedded widget in your website) to schedule a port-based upon their time zone. Ignore working out the time area distinction. The software application will send alerts and schedule occasions. It will certainly additionally send out e-mails and also SMS message pointers as desired.

Evernote – Collect, Organize, & File

Evernote is a multi-purpose device that makes it very easy to save information in practically any type of format in one single place. Develop to-do lists, create an article, conserve files, maintain a bullet journal, arrange pictures, clip info from the internet, produce digital books, and lots more. I.

I have been making use of Evernote for a decade, and it’s come to be a vital part of my operations. First, I use it to create folders based on upcoming destinations. After that, I can move material, PDFs, pictures, scans, internet clips, and anything related to that destination to one folder or data. This is an easy method to keep the suggestions and vital documents for one subject in a single place.

Some people make use of Evernote as a sort of digital brain dump. Anything that can not be conserved into data or kept in their brains gets pasted into a new Evernote paper. But the tool can aid you in organizing your life in many means. So try it and also see.

Online Payment & Invoicing Software for Digital Nomads and Remote Working Professionals

1. Freshbooks –

Accounting cloud software through which you can send invoices, track hours and expenses, and accept payments.

Special Features

  • Automatic late payment reminders that tack on late payment fees.
  • Automated billing schedule that charges client’s credit card.
  • Accepts payment via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Apple Pay and deposits directly to your bank.


  • 2.9% + US$0.30 for Visa and Mastercard.
  • 3.5% + US$0.30 for American Express.
  • US$15 for chargebacks (which is refunded if the dispute is resolved in your favor).


Despite its name, Freshbooks is not true accounting software, as it does not use double-entry accounting or offer accounting reports such as a general ledger or a completed balance sheet. As well, payments can only be made through Freshbooks via credit card or Apple Pay.

2. Square –

Debit and credit card reader that now also offers integrated invoice send/tracking services.

Special Features

  • The reader accepts payment via magstripe, contactless/chip credit, debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay, and can be collected in offline mode.
  • Manages receipts, sales reporting and analytics, inventory tracking, and refunds and discounts.
  • Includes email marketing software.
  • API integration.


  • 2.75% per credit tap, insert or swipe.
  • 3.5% + US$0.15 per keyed-in/virtual terminal transactions.
  • 2.9% + US$0.30 per invoice and e-commerce payments.


Square has strict fraud prevention efforts in place, which is good for security but also means funds could be put on hold unexpectedly if any transactions to/from your account seem suspect.

3. Payoneer –

System: Billing and payment service that includes local currency receiving accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and CNY.

Special Features

  • Local bank transfers can be made from clients in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan.
  • Accepts payment via bank transfers, checks, and debit and credit cards.
  • Withdrawals can be made into your local bank account in your local currency (150+ countries and currencies supported).
  • No transaction fees between Payoneer accounts.
  • API integration.
  • Received payments can be loaded onto a prepaid debit Mastercard.


  • Free for EUR, GBP, JPY, and CNY via receiving accounts; 1% for USD.
  • 3% for credit card payments in all currencies.
  • 1% for eCheck in USD.
  • A currency exchange fee of up to 2% above the mid-market rate for withdrawals from a Payoneer account into a bank account in a different currency.
  • US$1.50, €1.50, and £1.50 for withdrawals from into a bank account in the same currency.
  • 1% fee for loading money onto the prepaid Mastercard.


While you can receive payments from any source (with a fee), you cannot send payments through the system to non-Payoneer accounts. As well, the prepaid Mastercard has hefty fees: an annual fee of US$29.95, plus US$3.15 per withdrawal, US$1 for balance inquiries, and US$1 for declined transactions.

4. Stripe –

E-commerce toolkit that accepts payment via web or mobile app.

Special Features

  • Accepts major debit and credit cards from every country in 135+ currencies.
  • Supports Automated Clearing House (ACH), Bitcoin, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.
  • API integration.
  • Pre-built user interface components, JavaScript coding, and open-source plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento.


  • 2.9% + US$0.30 per charge.
  • +1% on international cards plus a 1% fee for currency conversions.
  • 0.8% capped at US$5 for ACH Direct Debit; 1.5% capped at US$25 for ACH credit transfer.
  • 2.9% = US$0.30 for Alipay.
  • 0.8% capped at US$5 for Bitcoin.
  • 2.9% = US$0.30 for WeChat Pay.


Using Stripe to its full potential requires fairly extensive dev knowledge. The service’s primary focus and strength are in e-commerce developer tours, which may be overwhelming (and too much) for some users. Small-sized businesses may be better off with a more basic invoice/payment program without the additional coding and plugin options.

Digital Nomad Payment Tools


Digital Nomad Payment Tools

  1. Paypal (
  2. Apple Pay (
  3. Google Pay (
  4. Azimo (
  5. Caxton FX (
  6. FairFX (
  7. Revolut (
  8. OFX (
  9. Moneygram (

Essential Online Tools for the Digital Nomad

The life of an electronic wanderer, who is area independent, is never dull. There’s a liberating feeling of freedom to be able to go anywhere you like, whenever you want, and still make money. A nomadic way of living combined with an online job is the perfect suit for individuals who are itching to see the world.

Yet there are some downsides. Traveling can result in lost or harmed electronic devices. Moving from place to area can be sidetracking. Without good company, you can soon find your work-life balance disjointed and your all data in a disorderly mess. A nomadic life needs order even if its significance is among spontaneity.

Whether you’re frequently taking a trip from one country to the following or just taking your work with you in between coffee shops and also co-working rooms, there are particular vital online tools you’ll need to keep your service running efficiently.

1. Invoicing software

Invoicing is a vital component of running a business. However, when you’re potentially sending multiple invoices weekly from a range of various places, then you require invoicing software program that can handle your way of life.

Billing Ninja, as an example, is a cloud-based invoicing platform that allows you to send out adequately designed billings from your laptop or Android tool. In addition, all your information is stored in the Cloud, which permits you to access your data from throughout the globe safely.

Gone are the days when you were required to upgrade stand-out spreadsheets on your laptop manually. Currently, you can swiftly produce and send out invoices and earn money, all while on the move.

2. Data integration and syncing tools

Life as an electronic nomad can be chaotic. You’re not just running an organization, yet you’re additionally active, delighting in the views, seems, and journeys in the locations you visit. There’s holiday accommodation to locate, tickets to book, and fun to be had after a difficult day of functioning. This suggests the last thing you intend to do is by hand upgrading numerous various applications every time you get a repayment or acquire a new customer.

This is where a syncing data tool enters its very own. You’ll ask yourself how you took care of it without it. At Billing Ninja, we have partnered with several combination partners consisting of Zapier, PieSync, and Integromat. As a result, your data is immediately synced between multiple applications when an upgrade is made in a simple one. This boosts efficiency to no end and makes sure every aspect of your service is bang up-to-date.

3. Project management tools

Operating in various areas can be difficult. One day you’re functioning from a resort, Airbnb leasing, or close friend’s place, and afterward, unexpectedly, you’re upping sticks to a city in a different nation for a few weeks. As well as the cycle continues. Keeping an efficient work schedule and bearing in mind the myriad of jobs you need to complete comes to be much more brutal.

That’s why, as a digital nomad, you need an excellent task administration device. Then, wherever you go, you can examine what needs to be done and when with various due dates and ever-changing organizing. There are multiple applications you can use, consisting of Trello and MeisterTask.

However, with a Billing Ninja account, you can connect with our own Kanban board application. This lets you keep an eye on all the jobs you require to finish with a clear visual summary of your process.


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The richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos whose net worth is estimated to be upwards of $150 billion. In case you didn’t know, Bezos did not start building his Amazon empire in Silicon Valley, but rather in his basement! Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a successful online business as well? Online businesses are certainly the way forward.word art It is a tough market out there so you must be well equipped before jumping into the arena.

A Google search for “how to successfully start an online business” will procure 799,000,000 results. Of course, Google’s algorithm picked up tens of millions of websites that are not relevant, but it is safe to say that at least the first couple of pages are pertinent to the question at hand. Now, do you want to try navigating through 50 websites in search of genuinely helpful information?

There is a popular misconception that Google’s top search results are the most trustworthy. This could not be farther than the truth; as competing businesses only grab the top spots based on high volumes of traffic, acute search engine optimization methods, and successful marketing strategies. Especially for the inexperienced seeking to keep up with the competition, it can be extremely dangerous to assume that popularity equates to the truth.

If you are unable to differentiate between what information is legitimate and what is misleading, then you are setting yourself up for failure right from the beginning. Therefore, it is important to find a legitimate trainer who will provide you with real proven strategies to help successfully guide you through the process of running an online business.

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