Shopify 848 dollars in sales which is crazy, I feel even weird saying that cuz I’m like that’s almost too good to be true for your first day,  but if I’m being honest it’s not technically my first day I did Shopify back.

I was one of the first people on the planet to do Shopify, not a Shopify but the free plus shipping so if you don’t know what that is if you don’t Shopify is you just sell things online all right but free plus shipping is you just take a cheap item and you make it free and then you make shipping between like nine dollars or nine did like $14 I was one of the first people.

I didn’t really do too well with it because there were just no YouTubers talking about Shopify back then so every time. I’d hit a roadblock there was just nowhere to go for answers, I have to figure everything out on my own.

So I stopped Shopify back in 2015 focused on social media marketing for two years, and now here we are today back at Shopify so how did I do it here’s how and I’m just gonna give you guys the brief run-through subscribe to the channel if you want to learn like more in-depth stuff but I’m just gonna give you the general like bullet points of what I did.


make money with shopifyI’m gonna do my absolute best on this channel to make sure I help you guys out but once you have that idea once you think you’re onto something you just gotta take massive action and here’s exactly what I mean by that do it so a few days ago.

I’d say I like I was driving around in the car and I just had this idea hit me like oh my god if I put this product in front of these people.

  • A Foolproof”Store Name” strategy, and how to Set up a Store with a setting that actually matters
  • The Step-by-Step approach to launching your Shopify Store – 18-Point Checklist!
  • 6 Strategies For Sourcing Products That Sell – So many Beginners Get this Step wrong
  • The “eCom Ads” Landscape is always changing – How to launch & scale minimum 3x ROAS ads


My First Month on Shopify: Here’s What I Did

In today’s video, I’ll be breaking down how I was able to make over 51,000 dollars my first month with Shopify dropshipping, and in this video, I’m literally gonna show you guys the proc that I saw them will show you guys the website is well alright.

I’m gonna show you guys my Instagram page is well we’re pretty much all the sales came from and I was gonna break down the exact marketing strategy that I used. But before we dive into the video he has been showing insane support on the channel recently like insane support.

We just hit like 30k nobody hit 32 K and like the next day or so it sportsman Inc like insane so. we just hit like 30k nobody hit 32k and like the next day or so it sportsman Inc like insane. So I’m gonna do a crazy giveaway for this week’s biggest giveaway yet, I’m gonna be giving away three one-on-one mentorship slots.

I’ve never done this before, typically I charge you know upwards of five thousand dollars for a month of mentorship but for this week’s giveaway, I’m gonna be giving away three two-week one-on-one mentorship slots,

and all you have to do to enter into the giveaway is subscribe to the channel turn on post notifications and like the video and let me know down below in the comment section what you do all those steps and you’ll be entered into the giveaway so the first thing.

I’m gonna show you is the product that I actually sold alright now it’s kind of a different product right I’m pretty sure none of you guys would even think about this product right but here is the product unless you guys right now. So these are called a glass of blunts alright and as you see it’s just literally a glass-like tube I have a black one a silver one.


First Day On Shopify!

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