Selling Internationally How toMake Money Online

Selling Internationally How toMake Money Online

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Can Anyone Sell on Amazon? For the most part yes! Long story short, selling internationally on from another country, don’t overthink it, just go to fill out the info the best you can use your personal information! And see what happens! Stop putting it off! It’s a big easy first step!

So yeah this is just what I know to the best of my understanding, If anyone has had any problems or knows more info just let us know in the comments!

Another tip for choosing a store/product/brand name, go to Godaddy dot com and see if that domain name is available. Ideally, you want to own the domain name that matches your FBA store name to market your products.

How to Sell Products Internationally

1. Register with a global online marketplace like Amazon, Rakuten, or eBay.
2. Sell items that are easily shipped, and are in high demand somewhere year-round.
3. Create an OFX online seller account to receive international payments affordably.

That’s why today, the easiest and most powerful way to sell products internationally is online. But knowing exactly when, where, and how to sell them can mean the difference between global retail domination, and just another good idea.

So, how do you sell products internationally online? Let’s take a look!

  • Local payment methods are usually supported. Some markets rely heavily on credit cards while others prefer eWallets or bank transfers. Large marketplaces usually have payment settlement options that reflect the local market preferences and they may be able to help in the case of fraud or misuse. Of course, they also make it simple for your customers to pay in local currency.
  • Warehouse and distribution infrastructure can simplify your operations. With FBA by Amazon, you can let Amazon stock and ship your products. Delivery is often expedited and you may be able to reduce paperwork and costs associated with customs, duty, and shipping restrictions.
  • Customer service is easier. International marketplaces are invested in strong customer experience, so any returns are usually facilitated and complaints may be mitigated by partnering up with the big dogs.

customers to pay in local currency

Options to Sell Internationally

When you decide to start expanding your eCommerce business abroad you’ll need to spend some time deciding which of these options is the best for you:

Sell on domestic marketplaces with international shipping options
Most of the popular UK marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon will allow you to offer international shipping. This is one of the simplest ways to sell to customers overseas, however,

You won’t be specifically targeting potential customers abroad so if you want to seriously expand your business abroad it’s worth putting some time and effort into looking into other options. 

eBay Global Shipping Program or Fulfilled by Amazon 
The eBay Global Shipping Program allows you to offer international shipping without extra hassle, you just have to send your products to a UK warehouse and eBay will ship them abroad for you.

Similarly, Fulfilled by Amazon means that you can store your stock in a UK FBA warehouse and Amazon will ship it abroad for you, or you can store your inventory in FBA warehouses in a foreign country ready to ship. 


Why you should start selling internationally

One of the main reasons you should seriously consider selling internationally is the global market size you’ll be opening up.

According to Forrester, cross-border eCommerce is expected to top $627 billion by 2022, the most significant driving international shopping. For example, Chinese consumers buy everything from infant formula to health supplements to cosmetics online from overseas manufacturers because they can’t be purchased at home.

Better prices and more affordable shipping are also significant drivers of cross-border eCommerce, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Why you should start selling internationally

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