Basic E-Commerce – How To Open A Virtual Store

Basic E-Commerce – How To Open A Virtual Store

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Top Tips You Need to Start Your Online Business

Basic E-Commerce – How To Open A Virtual Store

Hi guys, I’m pleased to be here again for 15 months to open my virtual store and then make a general overview of it. How is the basic but for you to know who is interested in opening a virtual store to sell on the internet? Watch this video because the content is excellent, it’s all about the basic eCommerce – How to open a virtual store.

What is Basic eCommerce?

With every sale that happens over the internet, the wholesale process of order and payment occurs via the internet. Sometimes people think which is to eat only a virtual store has to be considered like this.
There are not two means of is commerce. If more traditional one is the virtual store where you have your own space or marketplace. Many people don’t know the brand is nothing more than those sites that bring together several sellers selling various open-market products.

American stores have a marketplace for many people. Their specialists eCommerce such as they recommend if you never sell on the internet. You have no experience with this. What is good for you is to test your product on the marketplace. And then when you give him that product you play in the virtual store, you open your virtual store, and then when I decided to open a store, I was my God giant world because I was aware what is expected is different.

virtual store is the same as the physical store today

I thought that today’s victory the easiest thing in the world wants something that gave to do super in parallel, which doesn’t take too much time all over the internet.
The virtual store is the same as the physical store today. I’m not kidding, but you won’t have a place, snow won’t be a point where people will pass, will start your shop a freak but remember that when I was studying like this at my peak of what I was discovering the things I went to the fair around this is because I was excited.

I wish I had chosen the best platform, a better method of payment. Still, to know if there are several good platforms, there are several suitable payment methods. I don’t think it’s decisive which platform you choose, the way to see the form of payment, as long as they are tools that work well, it won’t be an obstacle. It wasn’t getting in the way or even so. To leverage the business before talking about the platform, I have to talk about your company’s name because you will have to register in both the registry. Br and the registry.



I thought that today’s victory the easiest thing in the world wants something that gave to do super in parallel, which doesn’t take too much time all over the internet.
The virtual store is the same as the physical store today. I’m not kidding, but you won’t have a place, snow won’t be a point where people will pass, will start your shop a freak but remember that when I was studying like this at my peak of what I was discovering the things I went to the fair around this is because I was excited.

I advise you to talk about this problem; two records, don’t leave it to be done later, because how something very cheap compared to the seriousness of the thing. It is a very affordable thing, forty reais a year, so people. Sometimes I buy the name to guarantee then decide if it will open or not. So you must think about legal representation. You go to the registry. Br, which is the site and already search there is available if you have purchased. The point with several companies selling because the international one does not dominate internationally. I bought mine, and I didn’t have a problem. Everything was all right, touch r$40 a year too, so I highly recommended that you do this right after choosing the name registered; you will choose the platform. I will say my experience; right, I whistled for the integrated logic platform. I already had the accused had already seen some people talking about her when I went to the fair. I had contact with the integrated store staff to hear their stand.
I talked they explained my plan with the store very well. I opted for the foreground that they have an existence.

I’m not mistaken, the four options and then mine is first, paid that it costs 49 to 90 per month, but you can open free. The only difference what will change from one plan for another for free by the foreground. The second is the number of visits allowed on your website during the month, the number of registered products and the number of users who will go being able to access the many tools you can customize your product like this in various ways. It caught my attention, and I also thought it was a super simple way to move because I tested others. I can’t say they are the wrong platforms, but I didn’t identify them. I wouldn’t say I liked it. I thought I found it difficult to move; you know the store got it. I thought it was super intuitive explanatory. There is a small chat that you talk to the staff, they respond like this, almost immediately their technical support is excellent. Now you will need a layout inside the elt that I consider.

be a super professional thing

The critical two things along and it’s a clean and organized website layout: when a person enters your store, your virtual store is your window and the windows nobody will be there to explain so to your store, the more self-explanatory it is, the better. The car, I think, is fantastic. You buy a milk top. I don’t know how it works in other platforms, more in the integrated store. I purchased a template. It already appears there are several options for chocolate, and I spent 380 but so much milk, but also you only pay once, and you have support from the staff.

Milk lid, the companies that join the integrated store to sell netbooks, sell ready store structure, and even what I bought Jamie with the banners it’s pre-made if you want. If you change your photos and everything, you could be a super professional thing, you know. You can hire over the internet; even people who do this service are already won. I’m not mistaken, 300 reais 400 someones make your logo top send in various formats.
So I also used a super simple question that you can solve quickly.


I think the important thing to do is to register as a micro-entrepreneur individual. Because you start without a fee, however more than that, is we’re paying all taxes at this single rate. You know, so it’s already all regularized. All cute if your company grows and works, you already regular so then I think it’s super important to register. Super fast, easy on the entrepreneur’s portal site.

I will let the link be right about the form of payment is also the same. The platform has a million options for you. I believe there is no integration as on other platforms. It already gives you several integration options, so you need to choose, or I started using a Pagseguro, and now I’m using market paid the fees. I’m not mistaken are very similar. The insurance team disappointed me a lot because it went off the air many times. I lost sales on account of this.

Another important thing is you chose a boat form. It means not an intermediary offering is many options like several credit card options. Bank slip sometimes even transparency is deposit account anyway is essential is very important this is important because your customer enters your store. He can pay the way he understood. How you’re going to open a virtual store will only be the option of paying a bank slip. Because the people in a hurry are used a credit card to buy a parcel then all this you have to come, let’s not have it here because this subject also for other videos but just for you to have an idea.

Another thing you have to worry about when opening a virtual store is how you will send the product to your customers because that’s the most important this is how the product will reach the person who bought it from you. So this is the most used method, it’s not as if today it’s still the post office, there is a particular controversy around this because mail is expensive, it is still a costly thing.
Unfortunately, sometimes when you have a product with a low price, it’s hard for you to change one such a high freight. It’s not just I don’t think that impedes because they have forms of you. So much to ease, this cargo, apart of the value in and delivered the other for your customer. You can reduce this value, and there are also some intermediaries now sending some companies that have a contract with the post office and then can offer freight with lower values for you to post your orders.
So you have to see that I’m saying that only caught general because I have a lot of information around it after learning the new of just about how to send Fred anyway because it’s a matter it’s complicated.

 E-Commerce Business Ideas
It isn’t very pleasant to even register on the site. Still, what’s more, important it’s for you to see how you’re going to make your product reach your customer the way he expects the way he saw it. They’re on your website in terms of packaging. All this you have to consider when you are going to open the virtual store is another thing you have to keep in mind when it opens the online store the essential thing because you will have to invest that you’ll have to think about marketing. After all, in a physical store, for example, you will have the flow of people passing by. They know our store and speak to their people with the flavour of the virtual store. Even those who say this, Marcio is a genius of the virtual store. He always went to the store. His store is one more look at the world of the internet at sea. It’s like there’s a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean so full of things and no one will pass ahead by chance understand; no one will discover your store from that way you have to find ways to bring the customer passed through today social media ads, on google ads, on Facebook.

There are several ways to do this. I’m also not going to extend here because it’s too subject in another video, but you have to keep this in mind a virtual store. It requires a lot of advertising, right it even gives people to know your store in a store get to know each other, this process that takes time so don’t give up, so don’t distinguish yourself because it’s normal. The important thing is that the following detail about teaching online shopping even has a law; I’ll put it here that I don’t know of the head who says that customer who buys over the internet, the consumer is entitled to regret the purchase within seven days. In other words, it doesn’t seem like a reason to make the customized product more expensive. If he received a video photo, if he wanted to buy and was sure, it doesn’t matter if you arrived at his house within seven days he says you no longer want the product, you wish to return it, you are obliged to receive the product back and return the money. I never had a problem with it. I see the people who work with like this one; everything even includes works, there will always be people who will say chic, these cases will;l appear, but they are small compared to the number of sales that work and all of this. So consider this. Be sure to put this in your planning, but I don’t take this as different. I think I did a general survey like this. If you have any questions about this subject, leave them here in the comment.






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