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It’s over, Boys & Girls.

Amazon affiliate marketing is officially dead for those who haven’t heard. There are news reports and some articles on Amazon slashing their Commission rates for their affiliate marketing program.

So basically, I want to make a quick video for you guys and just lay out exactly what the landscape of things are next for the future and where some actionable steps and tips you can do directly after this video.

To make sure that something like this doesn’t affect you again, let’s begin my history with Amazon, the film marketing. I started back in 2014 is when I earned my first commission with Amazon is just $32.

Now for the next two years, I grew that to over three thousand dollars per month just ferreting. Hence, it’s over a hundred dollars a day. I was able to achieve that in two years, in 2016 now.

The truth is you’ve heard me speak about Amazon film marketing before I’ve recommended it as one of my fast affiliate programs for beginners.

I’ve always talked pre highly of it until last year for those who followed my channel or are a new subscriber. I made a video called my problem with Amazon Associates.

There’s a video on my channel where I’m gruntled a bit. What is a big issue just because when you do the math to make a thousand dollars every month, you would essentially have to sell well over ten thousand dollars worth of products to make that.

This mine that’s with ith a ten percent commission rate which for moto categories there are only a few products that are giving you a ten percent commission on Amazon and for me what took me from a hundred dollars a day to a thousand dollars a day is.

I was starting to see percent ticket affiliate products that except just making four dollars or eight dollars or ten dollars a sale I was asking $40 $60 $100 $200 percent 1000 every single sale. When you’re making $1000 off one affiliate sale, you only need to make one sale to make that thousand dollars a month. I’ve been in the game.

I’ve been learning about Field Marketing starting eight years ago, and I heard my first commission about six years ago. I’ve been doing it full-time for the last four years, but basically, this is not the first time.

I’ve seen then a giant commission splashing where the rates are going from, let’s say eight percent six percent, four percent do, win to three percent two percent sometimes even 1% there are specific categories that dropped slashed half you know we’ll talk about them right now.

AFFILIATE MARKETING. Business, Technology, Internet and network concept.

So let me give you guys a quick rundown on some of the more popular categories, what they used to get you and what they are now, so before things like headphones, beauty, musical instruments business, and industrial supplies.

What six percent is now three percent outdoors, and tools used to be 5.5 down the three groceries. I didn’t even know that a category was five down to one sport was four point five percent down to three percent, so just a smaller 1.5 percent drop in baby products.

Four-point five percent down to three percent again one point five percent difference health and personal care this was four point five percent now.

We’re down to one percent and Amazon is fresh from three percent down to one percent, so that’s overall the changes now there are lots of categories that were unaffected and not changed, so the first thing.

I want to explain why Amazon cut their commission rates right listen during this time. Essential products are flying off the shelves.
They don’t need advertising help to sell these products, so it makes sense to cut down on the advertising spent now.

 Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is, in a way, advertising spending because they’re essentially paying you the commission they would have paid for ads to get those sales.

Instead, they’re just giving you that advertising fee, but because people are just buying stuff off the shelves right now because of the current world situation, then basically, they don’t need that much help right now.

Regardless of where but the reasoning is it’s still affecting so many different affiliates, I want to say that these changes will affect the people.

Who rely much more on Amazon Associates if that’s their sole income source or their sole affiliate marketing income source. Then obviously, they’re going to be way more affected than someone who only gets one or two, or three sales a month from Amazon Associates.

So taking you back to that video from last year, what was my big problem with Amazon Associates? Even before this Commission rate cuts the problem with Amazon Associates.

Just from the fundamental level is that it’s always been a low-ticket Commission affiliate program, so the truth is what took me from a hundred dollars a day to a thousand dollars a day.
In so many of my videos, you see the high ticket affiliate from Amazon Associates, so back in 2016, I saw the writing on the wall.

I noticed that what I was doing then would not get me to that next level, even if three thousand dolls were not happening with Amazon Associates unless I went all-in.

I just invested everything at the time now. Amazon made one of its most considerable commission structure changes that, I think, was more devastating than this current slash.

Because, well, on this one, you know specific revenue or commission rates are dropping by 50% and 60% may be as high as 80% in some cases, there are many categories unaffected.

I have a couple of students in my passive income. Oh, I saw a program that is doing over $1,000 a month from full marketing. Their main category is unaffected by these changes now.

That’s not to say that they’re not going to see a decline because, with Amazon Associates, you get paid for whatever is in their cart, not just. What one product is whatever is in the cart, so obviously, they’re going to steal some of the effects of this.

Still, the main products they’re linking have not changed their commission rates at all now, the first thing.
Let’s compare fill marketing is something like Adsense because let’s look at your alternatives for how to you know make money.

Online and how to monetize your content so Adsense you get paid an average of anywhere from one to two dollars for every thousand views or if you’re just for entertainment like even pranks and stuff you can go down as low as 50 cents per thousand views or less now.

To give you a real concrete example with a film marking, let’s say the average order cart from amazon’s around $70. Now when you order $70 as a three percent commission rate, you’re looking at two dollars and ten cents commission.

But that’s still more than the average that a thousand views on YouTube are going to get you now. Here’s the thing when you have a video with a thousand pictures, chance to get much more than just one sale of that $70 cart, you can probably get ten that’s a 1 percent commission rate that’s conservative. You sell 10 of these $70 carts.

Then you’re looking at $21 for every thousand views of any full-time Youtuber in a category like gaming or something to do with entertainment.

Where they’re ly getting 50 cents for every thousand views, they would do anything for twenty-one dollars for every thousand ideas.

focusing on selling natural products

Because obviously, you’re focusing on film marketing, focusing on selling natural products, and concentrating on consumers. We’re looking at buying products, not just being entertained and watching pranks and stuff, so film marketing versus Adsense.

You know film marketing is still a much better way to monetize your content and who’s to say you can’t do both, which is something that I would like to do? You know you just put together, and you’re getting paid for every thousand views, but you’re also getting paid for every sale within that thousand views.

Another problem is that with any fillip program, not just Amazon when you’re an affiliate, you’re building up another company or another business.

They’re in control so that they can decide at any time whether we are going to close our affiliate program, or we’re going to change the rates on you, and that’s what happened.

I would be more surprised or blindsided by this if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve seen the landscape over the last eight years, and this is not the first time something like this has happened, so for me.

I’m not surprised, and it doesn’t affect me at all because, to be honest, my affiliate income today doesn’t come from Amazon Associates.

I still earn from Amazon Associates, and I haven’t quit the program. I mean, my account is still active, and I’m still earning like literally, today as we speak years and years later because of contact made before.

I started to see the writing on the wall, and I decided to begin to fortify my business and start doing other things. What I started doing is transitioning into other affiliate programs and more high-ticket products.

Another affiliate I realize is selling Ten little trinkets on Amazon and then selling ten high ticket affiliate products. It’s more or less the same amount of energy.

I’d instead get paid $50 for every cell rather than $5 for every sale. I’m ten xìng my income and my results by just switching. You know whether it’s the niche, the affiliate program, the product, or all.

I’m doing is hitting that same process, so I’ve always said that Amazon.
Associates are one the best to-fill programs for beginners keyword for beginners. Because that’s a place for you to learn there are millions of products in every niche is available, and half of our commerce or e-commerce done on Amazon.

It’s an easy platform to learn people already know the brand. They trust the brand, so when they purchase through it, there’s less resistance. Still, it was always meant to learn it wasn’t intended to become filthy rich through Amazon Associates.

Because unless you are a vast YouTube channel, it is a massive website like a media website. You’re focusing on getting affiliate sales and reviewing tech products and stuff like that. You’re not going to see those crazy thousand dollars per day from Amazon Associates.

Because it’s such a low ticket, you have to do so much volume to get up to that level, so, for me, one of the biggest lessons that I learned is you want to build up your business.

Why do I talk about building up your website? Why do I talk about building your brand? Why do I talk about email marketing? It’s because, with email marketing, you get to capture your audience.

Turn them into returning customers. You get more profit per customer, you can upsell them on more products, and you can bundle things together. You can get return customers just coming in buying twice, three times four times, and you were maximizing your profit for every single customer.

Because when someone visits your website, and then they leave, chances are they’ll never revisit you, but if you get their email, it gives you a direct line of communication.

Where you can reach out to them, you know they’re super-targeted, they’re interested in your niche, and you can sell them more.

Products in the future, and you can keep that going and have that automated email sequence to automate sort of the sales process and make two or three sales per customer rather.

building your business email marketing

Then just one single sale, which is just not enough, especially if it’s not recurring commission, so yeah, my first advice is the mindset of Amazon the film.

Marketing is more so to learn it’s not to get crazy filthy rich. It’s just to learn the process you can rinse the repeat and apply that process to the next affiliate program, and by the way, if you’re looking for big-box Tefila programs that are similar to Amazon.

There’s a target. There’s Best Buy, Walmart, you know if you are done with Amazon’s, you’re like, I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m going to move on to something else, then check out those programs and use Google to see whatever companies you buy.

If they have an affiliate program that might have better rates than what Amazon’s offering currently, the second thing to do when you’re building your business email marketing.

I basically created a step-by-step video an email marketing last year, and you know I really really I really want to stress how important it is that you build your own brand, your own website, your own email subscriber list up don’t just push people to other companies and get sales if you want to have a business, you need to own the platform you don’t want to be building your castle on someone else’s lot.

If they owned a lot, and you’re building all your assets upon their property, then the problem is they can take it away at any time, and you do not have control as an affiliate from just a foundational standpoint.

You give up control because you are pushing people to other companies to get that control back and get power back to be independent. You have to build your brand so your own website.

Your own email marketing list, your own social media channels you need to own that because if you build your stuff on one social media channel one affiliate program, if any of those things get taken away, like let’s say your YouTube channel gets banned, then everything goes away overnight.

So that’s why I’m so big on building up yourself so that you can stay independent and you can take your talent somewhere else. If you’re not getting treated fairly with the current affiliate program, you’re working with, if you’re interested in learning more about that email marketing video.

I’m gonna link it as a pop-up on the top right, or you can basically check it out search it up on my youtube channel or on my website. I have a little thing on email marketing in my free guide.

Make sure you check that out so you can learn how to set that up today again. You guys need to realize that film marketing, especially you know with Amazon Associates, is still a viable income source.

But it was never meant to be the one, you know, the one to take you to, let’s say, thousand dollars a day, 30,000 a month. What elevated me was learning the process of the fundamentals of building a sustainable business and then applying it to the more profitable niches high ticket affiliate products, alright, so that wraps up my thoughts on this whole Amazon-the-fill marketing situation.

I could guide you guys in the right direction and hopefully just shed some light on this and give you guys the facts and give you guys sort of the risks involved.

Knowing how to protect yourself and build up your own business so that you will never feel like you’re at someone or another Philip programs mercy again, and the problem is that things like this are a real wake-up call for certain affiliates.

Because you start to realize wow I did not prepare my the business was not built to withstand something like this, and the thing is I saw the writing on the wall back in 2016 so ever since then I’ve diversified I’m part of so many different affiliate programs.

If one Philip program goes down, so to speak, which hasn’t happened to me personally, I’ve never been pardoned to a program that got shut down, but if it were to happen, I’m ready for it because I’ve diversified and even if something were that happened.

I have built up, you know, my emo subscriber list in all of my affiliate businesses where I know I have targeted customers. I know that I have people that follow my brand.

You know they trust my expertise in my authority, so if I were to take things to another Philip program or another product or for whatever reason right then.

I can still bring the business with me rather than, you know, be left just standing there and then just to be left empty. Because I built all of my platforms on one affiliate program on one platform that gave me all to buy didn’t own, I don’t own my YouTube channel. I don’t own my Facebook group. I don’t own those platforms; I do own my email list. I own my website, so I try and focus on the things that build up my brand so that I never feel like it.

I’m dependent on anyone or any other company ever again. If you guys enjoy this video, please hit the thumbs-up button and comment below. It helps me out. I love reading your comments and responding to as many as possible, especially right after.

But you guys uploaded, so Subscribe to the notification, so you don’t miss an upload. I have a really signed video coming soon next week.

You’re going to wanna pay attention to one last thing. I’m going to put a playlist where you can learn about affiliate marketing. It has some of my best videos for marketing, including.

How to start if you’re looking for our film marketing I have a completely free guide you can check it out in the description below it’s going to be the four I hope this wisdom is able to help you guys in any way if it does let me know and I’ll catch you guys on the next video.

”The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.-Lao Tzu”

”For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. -Audrey Hepburn”

”Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. -Anton Chekhov”




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