Marketing Strategies: Top Five Ways You Are Killing Your Ecommerce Website

Marketing Strategies: Top Five Ways You Are Killing Your Ecommerce Website

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Understanding the e-commerce market will give you a good head start, but there are other essential things to consider before you start.

Having a well-thought plan helps you see the big picture, eCommerce website – how do you envision your brand, who will you target, what would your website need, and your competitive advantages?

Here are the top five ways you can easily kill your e-commerce website project before it takes off, according to our source

1. Choosing the wrong hosting plan

Many startups go for shared web hosting, allured by its affordability and thinking their project is just starting anyways. In reality, the shared environment carries some inherent disadvantages, which can badly damage for-profit projects like online shops.

Shared servers often accommodate over a hundred users, eCommerce website all draining the same pool of system resources. As a result, even if your website is lightweight enough, it might still suffer from a lack of processing power or RAM.

The same goes with security – you can follow all website safety guidelines and utilize the best security plugins. Still, it wouldn’t matter if another client on the same server left some vulnerabilities unpatched.

As dedicated servers might be a bit costly for startups and SMBs, VPS hosting is often a good starting point for e-commerce projects. Virtual server clients benefit from an isolated environment, dedicated system resources, and greater control over all aspects of their service.

The ability to scale resources up and down can prove extremely useful, especially in special promotions and marketing campaigns.

2. Choosing the wrong web building platform

ecommerce website

Another thing to consider from the get-go is the choice of a web building platform. There are more than a hundred e-commerce site builders out there, both hosted and self-hosted.

They seemingly have the same end goal – creating an appealing online store. But the devil is in the details, and that’s why you have to do some preliminary research.

Take Magento, for example. One of the most popular e-commerce solutions out there, the open-source platform is powering some of the biggest retail and wholesale companies on the market.

But when it comes to small online shops that offer just a handful of products – Magento can be a bit of an overkill because of its overcomplexity, eCommerce website, and server resource demands.

When choosing your potential e-commerce building app, consider areas like the range of features, system requirements, theme and plugin variety, growth opportunities, and ease of use.

3. Slow or unresponsive website

Once equipped with the right hosting and website builder, you have to put all your efforts into optimizing your website to perfection. The online competition is fierce, and clients are naturally looking to get the best bang for their buck.

According to statistics, slow and unresponsive eCommerce websites are one of the biggest turn-offs when navigating online. If your pages take more than 3-5 seconds to load, three out of four visitors will leave and probably never come back.

What’s more, site speed is now proven to be an essential part of Google’s ranking algorithms, so your search engine rankings highly depend on how well you optimize your shop.

It’s a race for every millisecond.

Be it image optimization, browser caching, or performance plugins – web admins are doing everything they can to cut the loading times down to a minimum.

4. Difficult checkout process

ecommerce website

You have to ensure your website navigation and checkout process are as clear and straightforward as possible. Obstacles during the final steps of the purchase are one of the prime reasons potential clients are leaving your page.

Here are some of the top culprits that hinder your checkout process:

  • Too many steps
  • Too many fields
  • Forced account creation
  • Unnecessary popups and questionnaires
  • No inline validation (validity check after each field is filled in)

Ideally, your checkout process should be 1-3 steps maximum, requiring only the essential information you need to complete the order on your end.

  • This is the best shopping cart software for your website.

5. Not optimized for mobile

ecommerce website

Any e-commerce store owner in the last few years will probably tell you the same story – traffic and sales from mobile devices are on a constant rise, and they have already exceeded those from desktop computers. In some niches, the difference is already 3:1 in favor of smartphone and tablet visitors.

Failing to optimize your eCommerce website shop for mobile browsing is like shooting yourself in the foot.

There are two ways you can go about that:

It doesn’t even matter what percentage of your visitors are currently coming from smartphones. The sooner you optimize your e-commerce store for mobile – the better.


Interested about what company specialists think about various advertising methods. We looked at current study results and reports that assembled information on the subject and created a list of 10 B2B marketing methods generally identified as successful despite sector. Below’s what we discovered, in no particular order:


Content Marketing

Content marketing emphasizes education and learning to oversell to influence buying actions. This tactical marketing approach concentrates on creating and distributing info appropriate to leads’ demands to bring in those best straightened with– as well as most likely to purchase– your services or product. Given that communication is recurring, content can be tailored to show what you find out about leads with time and might include different formats like infographics, websites, podcasts, videos, blogs, white papers, webinars, and digital books. It is essential to remember that material advertising and marketing are not synonymous with incoming marketing (more on incoming below). Material advertising is critical to a general incoming development strategy, but it does not integrate other advertising and marketing methods to make the most of material value.

Material advertising is effective because it:

  • Attracts prospects via the sales channel
  • Expands brand exposure, integrity, as well as the desirability
  • Straightens target markets with pertinent information


Inbound Marketing, ecommerce marketing

Inbound is far and away from the most efficient B2B marketing strategy since it leverages the strengths of most of the various other nine techniques to bring in, involve, and joy consumers. Unlike standard marketing approaches– even the other methods provided below– inbound online marketers gain consumers’ attention and pull them to a firm site by creating and giving purposeful web content. Because messaging is relevant and shows up in the best area at the correct time, incoming welcomes site visitors rather than irritating them with interruptive conventional advertising and marketing.

Inbound advertising is effective because it:

  • Functions for businesses of any dimension or type
  • Develops even more well-informed prospects
  • It can be easily incorporated and managed by making use of a Customer Partnership Administration (CRM) system as well as a material management system (CMS), like HubSpot


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing concentrates on giving users material they discover beneficial and wish to share across their social media networks, resulting in enhanced presence and website web traffic. Social media shares of content, videos, and photos additionally influence SEO efforts in that they commonly strengthen relevancy in search results within social media sites networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, in addition to internet search engines like Yahoo and google.

Social media site advertising is effective since it:

  • Decreases advertising and marketing investment while boosting lead generation
  • Supplies metrics that offer business added market understanding
  • “Humanizes” brands and motivates conversions


Search Engine Optimization

Recognition around– as well as web traffic to– a particular internet site by seeing to it appears amongst the top overdue (or “natural”) search results on internet search engines like Google, Bing!, and also technique, search engine optimization is completed by several strategies interacting and also is primary to an effective incoming advertising and marketing strategy.

While social networks, e-mail, banner advertisements, and various other advertising and marketing tools create internet sites, search engine optimization visibility is specifically crucial since online search engines are the key way individuals browse the Net. Moreover, search engine optimization instantly increases your audience in an appropriate, targeted method– they self-identify as somebody.

Search engine optimization works because of it:

  • Remains to advance to equal mobile and also regional online search engine use
  • Streamlines searches for clients curious about your product and services
  • It is an affordable way to maintain your brand competitive with likewise located firms


Online search engine marketing, or SEM, is a device that businesses use to expand their internet site web traffic via paid on the internet advertising and marketing. One of the most prominent SEM methods is pay-per-click (PAY PER CLICK) weblinks. A company acquires or “sponsors” a web link that appears as an ad in search engine results when search phrases related to their services or product are browsed. Then, whenever the ad is clicked, the firm pays the online search engine (or another third-party host website) a small charge for the site visitor– an actual “pay per click.”

Internet search engine advertising works as a result of its:

  • Breadth in online devices and get to
  • Cost-effectiveness in generating high presence
  • Versatility to numerous markets as well as audiences


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B technique that focuses on a targeted collection of accounts, using extremely individualized campaigns. It gives marketing and sales groups various benefits, consisting of a faster sales process, price performance, and much more efficient use of advertising resources. However, with all of ABM’s things, it’s essential to bear in mind that ABM is not like targeted outbound advertising. Instead, it’s much more calculated, using approaches like online retargeting to individualize marketing initiatives.

Retargeting uses browser cookie-based technology to determine users who saw your site yet left (or “bounced”) before completing a purchase or conversion. The cookie allows for targeted promotions to show up in those users’ subsequent internet searches as well as interactions, even if they’re not associated with your site significantly. Retargeting is a practical conversion device because it repetitively gets your brand before target markets that have already demonstrated curiosity about your service or product.

Retargeting is effective because it:

  • Regains the attention and also acquisition power of “home window consumers.”
  • Produces high click-through prices
  • Lends itself to site visitor segmentation and tailored messaging


Conversational advertising is simply that– a conversation. Real-time communication through a chatbot or live chat gets the right details before leads and customers at the correct time, and also follow-up inquiries are resolved immediately. Individualized, relevant involvement vastly enhances the customer experience, enhancing getting references from delighted consumers. For companies, conversational advertising methods usually reduce buyers’ time in the sales channel. In addition, conversions occur quicker since partnerships are developed faster.

Set up online chat on your website in 6 steps utilizing HubSpot Conversations

  • Conversational marketing works since it:
  • It gets rid of layers of impersonal lead capture and develops a genuine, individual client experience.
  • Fosters clear communication– buyers can state their needs, and services can quickly recognize and assist since there is the appropriate context around the request.
  • Enhances partnerships as robots can also recommend added material to supplement customer education and learning.
  • Quick Truth: Messaging is the preferred method of consumer communication with services– 90% of clients desire a conversation alternative.

Taken separately, most of the methods we listed provide minimal marketing authority. Nonetheless, incoming advertising and marketing lines up the heavy-hitters– SEO, SEM, web content advertising and marketing, social media, and gained media– to deliver a well-shaped, cost-efficient advertising and marketing approach that produces qualified leads, enhances customer partnerships, as well as efficiently builds brands.


Social network advertising focuses on providing customers with web content they find important as well as intend to share across their social networks, causing raised presence as well as traffic. Social network shares of web content, video clips, and images additionally influence Seo (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) efforts in that they usually raise relevance in search engine results within social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Instagram as well as an online search engine like Google and Yahoo.


Paid Media Advertising

Paid media is a tool that firms utilize to expand their site traffic with paid marketing. One of the most popular approaches is pay-per-click (PAY PER CLICK) weblinks. Essentially, a business buys or “sponsors” a link that appears as an ad in internet search engine results when search phrases associated with their product or service are looked at (this process is commonly called internet search engine advertising, or SEM). Then, every single time the ad is clicked, the company pays the internet search engine (or other third-party host sites) a small fee for the visitor– a literal “PPC.”


Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, or internet marketing, integrates internet and email to promote and drive shopping sales. Social media site platforms might likewise be consisted of utilizing brand name presence as well as advertising services and products. In total amount, these efforts are usually used in conjunction with typical marketing layouts like radio, tv, and print.

There’s also a lot to be claimed regarding online testimonials and opinions. Word-of-mouth marketing is unsettled, natural, as well as oh-so-powerful because those individuals who have wonderful things to say concerning your services or product usually have nothing to acquire from it apart from sharing excellent news. A recommendation from a good friend, associate, or member of the family has integrated integrity as well as can spur lots of leads that expect favorable experiences with your brand name.


Email marketing

Email marketing is a highly efficient method to support and also transform leads. However, it’s not a game of chance whether your message ends up in spam filters. Instead, email marketing is an automated procedure that targets detailed leads and consumers to influence their acquiring choices. Available prices and click-through rates measure email advertising and marketing success, so the approach enters play, primarily when used as a more extensive internet marketing campaign component.


Point-of-Purchase advertising and marketing (or POP advertising and marketing) offer to a restricted audience– those consumers currently in-store and also all set to acquire. Item screens, on-package vouchers, shelf talkers that tout item advantages, as well as other attention-getting “sizzle” usually guide achieving choices at the rack by making a deal just too good– and also visible– to skip.

“Communication is at the heart of e-commerce and community” – Meg Whitman Hewlett-Packard CEO

“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake” – Jean-Paul Ago CEO L’Oreal

“Optimizing the mobile cart and checkout experience is more important than tweaking your desktop design” – Linda Bustos



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At this moment in time, Jeff Bezos remains the richest man in the world, with his net worth assessed at nearly $200 billion. There is one fact that you might not know, he did not start his empire in Silicon Valley, but rather in his basement. Grasping the importance of technological advances, businesses now shift their focus to e-commerce. Online sales are no longer new, and they do make a good start.

The competition is even more fierce, now that people need no brick-and-mortar store to sell, so you had better be well prepared.Word art Crc

If you try searching “how to start an online business successfully,” you will see hundreds of millions of Google results.

Google’s algorithms certainly include a volume of irrelevant suggestions, but the first few pages already serve to answer your question.

Now, the main problem is, do you want to scrape through 50 or 60 web pages to do thorough research for useful information?

The common misconception we often have is that the top Google results are the most credible. That assumption is only partly true, as businesses utilize their blog posts to get money.

Therefore, they invest in their marketing strategies and search engine optimizations. Also, websites with higher traffic stand higher in search result pages. Popularity never stays equal to truth.

As you scroll up and down and read tons of new concepts and tips, you may get lost and unable to differentiate what is right or misleading. A lack of knowledge from the start guarantees a bitter end. Hence, you should find a mentor or a trainer from the beginning to draw out the strategies for opening and managing your online business.

It takes effort to do online businesses, so do not let those “get rich fast” people waste your time and money. Conveniently, we have reduced the hard work for you by summarizing the prospects you need to head for.

The hardest part is always the start. With courage and perseverance, you will make the change in your life. Step up and take some action!

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